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Tu Thodi Der Guitar Chords | Music has the power to say those unsaid words, put feelings into words and then into a melody. The perfect example of this is Tu thodi der from Half Girlfriend. A recreated version of Farhan Saeed’s Tu Thodi dair, the song was picturised on Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. The melody was sung by India’s new nightingale Shreya Ghoshal and the enchanting Farhan Saaed. The song was released in 2017 and became one of the most played love songs of that year. The melody has an English reprised version titled Stay a little longer sung by Anushka Shahaney. The chords that we have used in the song are G, D, Em, C, & Am with the guitar capo on the second fret.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Pattern: D UDUD DD DU & D UDUD UDUD DU (Refer to the embedded video)

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: A
No. of Chords: 5
: Required
Capo Position
: 2nd Fret
Chords Used: G, D, Em, C, & Am
Rhythm Pattern: D UDUD DD DU & D UDUD UDUD DU

[G]Dil charkhay ki [C]ikk tu dorri
[G]Dil charkhay ki [C]ikk tu dorri
[G]Sufi iska[C] rang haye

[G]Isme jo tera[C] khaab piroyaa
[G]Isme jo tera[C] khaab piroyaa
[G]Neende bani[C] patang

Dil [G]bharta nhi
Ankhein [C] rajti nhi
Dil [G]bharta nhi
Ankhein [C] rajti nhi

Chaahe[D] kitna bhi dekhti [G] jau
Wakt[C] jaye me rokk na [D] pau

Tu thodi der[G]aur thehar ja[C] soniya
Tu thodi der[Em]aur thehar ja[D]
Tu thodi der[G]aur thehar ja[Am] zaalimaa
Tu thodi der[Em]aur thehar ja[D]

Music: [G] [C] [G] [C]

[G]Haye din tere bin ab[C] ji naa paye
[G]Din tere bin ab [C]ji na paaye
[G]Saas na leti [C]raat
[G]Ishq kare [C] tere hothon sey
[G]Ishq kare [C] mere hothon sey
[G]Bs ikk teri [C]baat

Teri[G] doori na sahu
Durr[C] khud se rahu
Teri[G] doori na sahu
Durr[C] khud se rahu

Tere [C] pehloo me he reh [G] jaun
Tu he[C] samjhaan jo me [D] chaahu

Tu thodi der[G] aur thehar ja[C] sohneya
Tu thodi der[Em] aur thehar ja[D]
Tu thodi der[C] aur thehar ja[Am] zaalima
Tu thodi der[Em] aur thehar ja[G]


Naiyo[G] lagna… nahiyo lagna
Tere [C]bin dil mera
Nahiyo [Em] lagna… naiyo lagna
Tere [D]bin dil mera
Naiyo[G] lagna… nahiyo lagna
Tere [C]bin dil mera
Nahiyo [Em] lagna… naiyo lagna
Tere [D] bin dil mera

Dil [G] minnatein kare
Naa tu [C] jaa na pare
Dil [G] minnatein kare
Na tu [C] ja naa pare

Tere [Em]jane sey ji na [G] paau

Tu thodi der [G] or thehar ja[C] sohneya
Tu thodi der [Em] or thehar ja[D]
Tu thodi der [C] or thehar ja[Am] zaalima
Tu thodi der [Em] or thehar ja[G]

[Play the above paragraph one more time]

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Guitar Chord Lesson (Video)

Thodi Der - Half Girlfriend - Guitar Cover Lesson Chords easy - shreya ghoshal & farhaan saeed

Song Information: The song begins with a very soothing musical intro with the fusion of the sarangi and the guitar accompanied by a classical alaap by Shreya Ghoshal. The beats don’t begin there and the music itself starts to transport the hearer to another world- the world of love. Then as slowly the song progresses the beats start and it is a very slow and soft beat that is refreshing like the rain after the scorching heat. Through the 4 minutes and 56 seconds of the song, the composer Farhan Saaed himself, captivates us with a very heart rendering, soulful and melodious composition as he synchronizes the guitars with the sarangi, the piano and the harmonium. The song has a very sufi touch to it due to the sarangi and harmonium. What is applaud able here is the fusion of the instrument, and the beautiful music that is born of it.

The lyrics have been penned down by Kumaar and showcases the exact romantic feelings and emotions. The song is about the lover asking his beloved to stay a little longer and not depart early. An intensely emotional song, there is a beautiful smooth flow of the melody with some interludes that solely focus on the vocals and just one instrument like the piano in the background. This makes it a beautiful rendition so pleasing to hear. Shreya Ghoshal as usual mesmerizes us with her classically enriched and extremely sweet voice that makes the hearer drool over the song and keep on playing it on loop. Farhan Saaed also enchants us with his strong and deep voice.

Song Credits

Song Title: Thodi Der
Movie/Album: Half Girlfriend
Singers/Artists/Vocalists: Farhan Saeed & Shreya Ghoshal
Music Composition: Farhan Saeed
Lyricist: Kumaar
Keyboards by Ali Mustafa
Guitars: Ankur Mukherjee
Harmonium Player: Aditya Oke
Sarangi Player: Murad Ali Khan
Releasing Year: 2017
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Category: Romantic Song

More information about the song: The song has won not only a lot of accolades and awards but also a lot of applause and hearts. A very soft contemporary fusion, this song resides within us. A perfect love song, this song will never get old and will continue to rule and entrance the coming generations.

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