MS Dhoni – Guitar: Kaun Tujhe Chords [Easy]

Kaun Tujhe Guitar Chords | Bollywood has always given us mostly love ballads sung by male leads alone. However there are a number of soulful renditions that have been sung solely by our female vocalists as well. The emotions a girl faces when she is madly in love with a boy has been beautifully demonstrated by the famous song Kaun tujhe from the very legendary film M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story. This song has been melodiously sung by Palak Muchhal, one of the best female singers of India. The song was filmed on Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Patani. It’s a very heart rendering piece of music and one of the most loved song specially by the female audience. Composed by Amaal Malik, this brilliant masterpiece opens with the slow strumming of the guitar.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: Dm
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Tempo: 106
No. of Chords: Dm, C, Am, A#, F
Chords Used: 5

[Dm] Tu ata hai [C] seeney me
[Am]Jab-jab saasein [A#] bharti hu
[Dm]Tere dilki [C] galliyon se
[Am]Me hr rozz [A#] guzrti hoon

[Dm]Hawa ke jese [C] chlta hai tu
[Am]Me raet jaisi [A#] uddti hoon
[Dm]Kaun tujhe yun [C] pyar karega
[Am]Jaise main[A#] karti hu

[Dm]Haan.. [C] Aaa aa[Am] aa [A#] aaa aa
[Dm]Haan.. [C] Aaa aa[Am] aa [A#] aaa aa

[Dm]Meri nazar ka[A#] safar
[F]Tujh pe he akey [C] ruke
[Dm]Khne ko baaki hai [A#]kyaa
[F]Khna tha jo ke[C] chukey

Meri [Dm] nigaahe hai teri [A#] nigaaho ki
Tujhe [F] khabar kya bek[C]habar

[Dm]Main tujh se he[C] chup-chup kr
[Am]Teri ankhein [A#] padti hun

[Dm]Kon tujhe yu[C] pyar karega
[Am]Jaise me [A#] karti hoon

[Dm]Haan.. [C] Aaa aa[Am] aa [A#] aaa aa
[Dm]Haan.. [C] Aaa aa[Am] aa [A#] aaa aa

[Dm]Tu jo mujhe [A#]aa mila
[F]Sapne hue[C] sir phirey
[Dm]Haaton me atey [A#] nhi
[F]Udtey hai lamhey [C] mere

Meri [Dm] hansi tujh se Meri [A#] khushi tujh se
Tujhe [F] khabar kyaa [C] bekadarr

[Dm]Jiss din tujhko[C] na dekhu
[Am]Pagal-paagal [A#]firti hoon
[Dm]Kaun tujhe yoon[C] pyaar karega
[Am]Jaise main [A#] karti hoon

[Dm]Haan.. [C] Aaa aa[Am] aa [A#] aaa aa

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Original Song Video

KAUN TUJHE Full Video | M.S. DHONI -THE UNTOLD STORY |Amaal Mallik Palak|Sushant Singh Disha Patani

Song Credits

Song Title: Kaun Tujhe
Music Composition: Amaal Mallik
Movie/Album: M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story
: Manoj Muntashir
Singer/Artist: Palak Muchhal
Guitar Players: Ankur Mukherjee & Meghdeep Bose
Flute Player: Tejas Vinchurkar
Releasing Year: 2016
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

More About the Song

The song is like a breath of fresh air to the weary soul. There is a very slow and soft beat being played at the back that makes it even more serenading. The song itself is a slow typical love song like those sung by Arijit Singh but what makes it different from other songs is the phenomenal voice of the singer. Muchhal sings this song with all her heart and the feelings and efforts she has put in is clearly visible. Her soft and too sweet voice is bewitching. She captivates the hearers in a spell. The song has been sung in a high scale and that synchronises well with background music. The song begins and ends in a smooth flow with no crests and troughs in between. The song is a gentle one and is very soulful to the ears. The lyrics of this song has been penned by Manoj Muntashir who has done wonders. The lyrics wreck with the fragrance of love all over. The song speaks of how a girl finds her lover to be the one among a million others and how much he means to her. It captures beautifully the emotions a girl faces when she is love struck. The entire composition sums up to a gentle beautiful song that transports one to the world of love and romance.

The song has won Muchhal a lot of accolades and awards and also a lot of hearts. It holds a record of receiving more than two hundred million views on YouTube within a few days of its release. The song is a very appealing composition that harmonises well with the mood and provides bliss to the listeners. Lovers often find themselves serenading to this melody. Like rain on parched soil, the song gives a different relief to the weary mind and will make the audience come again at it and play it on loop. The song will forever be a favourite to the people.

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