Half Girlfriend – Guitar: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Chords [w/wo Capo]

Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Guitar Chords | Heartbroken? Going through a break up? Faced a rejection from your crush? Well, if you are suffering from any of the three situations and need to let that heart wrenching grief out, Main phir bhi tumko chahunga from Half Girlfriend will act as a tonic to your grief-stricken souls. The melody was released in 2017 and was filmed on the beautiful Shraddha Kapoor and handsome Arjun Kapoor. The song was composed by Mithoon and the soulful lyrics were penned by Manoj Muntashir. Written in the Nazm style, the song won the Listener’s Choice of the Year, from the 10th Mirchi Music Awards in 2018. The song also has a reprise version and another one sung by the female lead actress.

The song starts with a sad tune played on the piano that instantly harmonies with the sorrowful, grave mood of the heartbroken lover. The king of sad songs, Arijit Singh yet again wins our heart by pouring all his emotions into the song. His velvety and somber voice really touches the strings of our hearts. But what is more appealing is the soft and the melodious voice of Shasha Tirupati, which is really soothing and graceful to hear. The serenading voice of Shasha and the resounding voice of Arijit gives the listeners just that exact feeling experienced on parting or getting rejected by the beloved. The duration of the song is of about 5 minutes 52 seconds. The song is a soulful rendition indeed. However it’s not just the singers but also the contribution of the musical instruments used that lends the song it’s intended feel. Here a variety of instruments have been synchronized together. Beginning with the piano and a slow guitar strumming at the background with Arijit’s intense voice and slowly then putting on the beats was a wonderful idea that actually made the song so endearing. Another noteworthy fact was the Jugalbandi of Indian and Western instruments like the flute and the piano, which was played between the paragraphs- that did the magic and won the hearts of the people.

The lyrics are the next most important factor that gave the song it’s actual power. Muntashir brought out the exact feelings one faces when he or she loves with all the might but can’t be with the loved one. It expresses how the smitten lover will still love, wait and continue his search for the beloved throughout his life. Even if they aren’t together, the lover will remain loyal and love and wait for the beloved forever. This is what the every heartbroken person can relate too and therefore the song won its accolades and more than a hundred million views and was claimed as one of the most played songs of Bollywood.

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga has a different emotional connection with the people and the mellow, sad song can remind you of a parted lover from the past. Though the song talks of unconditional love, it is romantic by all means, and can transport you into a world of happy memories of past and all sorts of emotions when listened to in quietude. The song will be a forever favorite to all the music lovers and can be rightfully called the ‘Lover’s song of the decade’.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 97
Song Scale/Key: A#m/Bb minor
Time Signature: 4/4
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: A#m, Fm, C#, G#, D#m, F#

Note: We have also shared the easy/capo version in this article
Tum [A#m]mere ho [Fm]is pal[C#]mere ho
Kal [G#]saayad [A#m]ye [F#]alam na rhe
Kuch [A#m]aisa ho tum[C#]tum na[Fm]rho
Kuch [C#]aisa [G#]ho hum… [F#]hum naa rahey

Ye[C#]raastey alag ho jae
[F]Chaltey-chaltey hum [A#m]kho jaein

Main[A#m]phir bhi tumko [G#]chahunga
Main[C#]fir bhi tumko [F#]chaahunga
Main[A#m]phir bhi tumko [G#]chahunga
Main[C#]fir bhi tumko [F#]chaahunga

Is[A#m]chaahat me mar[G#]jaunga
Me[C#]phir bhi tum ko[F#]chahunga

Meri [D#m]jaan me har[G#]khaamosi le
Tere[F]pyr ke nagmein[A#m]gaungaa[F#]..mmm[G#]mm

Main[A#m]phir bhi tum ko[G#]chahunga
Main [C#]phir bhi tum ko[F#]chahunga
Is[A#m]chaaht me mae[G#]jaungaa
Main[C#]phir bhi tumko [F#]chahunga

[F#]Aise zaruri ho[A#m]mujh ko tum
[F#]Jese [G#]hawaaein [A#m]saaso ko

[F#]Aise talaashoon [A#m]me tum ko
[F#]Jesse ki[G#]per [A#m]zameeno ko

[G#]Hasna yaa[A#m]rona ho mjhe
[G#]Pagal sa[A#m]dhundu me tumhe
Kal [F#]mujhse mohabatt [A#m]ho na ho
Kal [F#]mujh ko ijaajat [A#m]ho na ho

[D#m]Tootey dil ke [G#]tukdey lekar
Tere [F]darr pe he rh [A#m]jaunga..[F#]…mmm[G#]mmm

Main[A#m]phir bhi tum ko[G#]chahunga
Main [C#]phir bhi tumko[F#]chahunga
Is[A#m]chaaht me mar[G#]jaaunga
Main [C#]phir bhi tumko[F#]chahunga

[F#]Tum yu mile ho [A#m]jbse mujhe
[F#]Or[G#]sunehari me[A#m]lgti hu
[F#]Sirf labon se nhi [A#m]ab to
[F#]Purey [G#]badan sey[A#m]hasti hoon

Mere [G#]din raat [A#m]salonay se
Sb [G#]hai tere he[A#m]hone se
Ye[F#]sath humesha [A#m]hoga nhi
Tum [F#]or khi me [A#m]or khi

[D#m]Lekin jb yaad [G#]karoge tum
Me[F]banke hawwa aa[A#m]jaunga…[F#]..[G#]mmm

Main[A#m] phir bhi tumko [G#]chahunga
Main[C#] phir bhi tumko [F#]chahunga
Iss[A#m] chaahat mein marr [G#]jaaunga
Main[C#] phir bhi tumko [F#]chahunga
If you would like the above song with capo, please learn the chords from the below chord progression.

Guitar Chords in Detail (Capo Version)

No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used with Capo
: Am, Fm, C, G, F, Dm
Capo Position: 1st Fret
Tum [Am]mere ho [Fm]is pal [C]mere ho
Kal [G]saayad [Am]ye[F]aalam na rhe
Kuch [Am]aisa ho tum[C]tum na[Fm]rho
Kuch[C]aisa [G]ho hum… [F]hum na rahe

Ye[C]raastey alag ho jae
[F]Chalte-chalte hum[Am]kho jaein…

Main [Am]fir bhi tum ko[G]chaahunga
Main [C] fir bhi tum ko [F]chaahunga
Main [Am]phir bhi tum ko [G]chahunga
Main [C]phir bhi tum ko [F]chahunga
Iss [Am]chahat mein mar[G]jaaunga
Main [C]phir bhi tum ko [F]chahunga

Meri [Dm]jaan me harr[G]khaamoshi le
Tere [F]pyar ke naghmein [Am]gaunga…[F]..mmm[G]mmm

Main [Am]phir bhi tum ko [G]chahunga
Main [C]phir bhi tum ko [F]chahunga
Iss [Am]chahat mein marr [G]jaaunga
Main [C]phir bhi tum ko [F]chahunga

[F]Aise zaruri ho [Am]mujh ko tum
[F]Jaise [G]hawaayein [Am]saason ko
[F]Aise talaasun [Am]main tum ko
[F]Jaise ki [G]per [Am]jameeno ko

[G]Hans na ya[Am]rona ho mujhe
[G]Pagal sa [Am]dhundun me tumhe
Kal [F]mujh se mohabbatt [Am]ho na ho
Kal [F]mujh ko ijaajat [Am]ho na ho

[Dm]Tootey dil ke [G]tukdey lekr
Tere [F]darr pe he reh [Am]jaaunga…[F]..[G]mmm

Main [Am]phir bhi tumko [G]chaahunga
Main [C]phir bhi tumko [F]chaahunga
Iss [Am]chahat mein marr [G]jaunga
Main [C]phir bhi tumko [F]chaahunga

[F]Tum yu mile ho [Am]jbse mujhe
[F]Aur [G]suneheri me [Am]lgti hun
[F]Sirf labon se nhi [Am]ab to
[F]Poorey [G]badan se [Am]hansti hoon

Mere [G]din raat [Am]saloney sey
Sb [G]hai tere he[Am]hone sey
Ye[F]sath humesha [Am]hoga nhi
Tum [F]aur kahi me [Am]aur kahi

[Dm]Lekin jab yaad [G]karoge tum
Me [F]bankey hawwa aa[Am]jaaunga..[F]..[G]hmm mmm..

Main [Am]phir bhi tumko [G]chahunga
Main [C]phir bhi tumko [F]chahunga
Iss [Am]chahat mein marr [G]jaaunga
Main [C]phir bhi tumko [F]chahunga

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Original Song Video

Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga - Full Song | Arijit Singh | Arjun K & Shraddha K | Mithoon, Manoj M

Song Credits

Song Title: Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga
Singers/Artist/Vocalists: Arijit Singh & Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics by Manoj Muntashir
Movie/Album: Half Girlfriend
Music Composition: Mithoon
Drums by Bobby Shrivastava
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2017

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