Easy Single/One String Guitar Songs for Beginners [English + Hindi]

Guitars- a musician’s soulmate! Don’t we all agree to this? One of the most learnt, popular and coveted instruments, this musical gizmo is an emotion- a feeling. It’s a muse that will inspire you to create your masterpiece. It is a friend that will help you release your emotions as you play the tabs of your favorite song (that too with just 1 string). Also, it will make everyone go just crazy and gaga over you as you show off one and all with your deft skills. So, those of you who are just beginning to get addicted to this heavenly instrument and are learning how to play it- we are here to help you out and make you a sound like pro within minutes. We will present to you the easy single string for various guitar songs that you love to play. The one string guitar songs that we enlist here are very simple and have been curated mainly for the beginners and the amateurs.

No more delays now, check this amazing list of single string guitar songs and enjoy a beautiful learning session.

Single String Guitar Tabs English Songs

Whenever we are planning to confess our emotions to our someone special or impress everyone around us, we always turn to Ed Sheeran and the other English pop-stars for help. And when it comes to performing live on stage for freshers or farewells, once again, the chartbuster tracks are always the last resort. So here we present to you the easy guitar tabs of English songs that are our all-time favourite. They are suited for the beginners only and they can master these tabs within minutes. The playlist contains songs from different genre so that you can enjoy a diverse list of your beloved musical numbers.

Feeling romantic? Strum Perfect. Want to make everyone dance? Play Despacito. Feeling like Kurt Cobain? Play Smells like teen spirit. And finally, if you are going through the blues, then strum aloud Numb. As for every mood, we have one Hollywood blockbuster number ready with its guitar single string easy tabs. And if you cannot get over your favourite TV series then we have enlisted the tabs of Bella Ciao and GOT Theme music as well. So, what are you waiting for? Check the list and start jamming.

Good Easy Guitar Tabs for Beginners for Kids

Learning guitar from childhood is an excellent thing because it helps you achieve perfection and makes you embrace this talent very deeply. This also helps you to sharpen your skills and become an advanced player as you grow over the ages. So that is why for all those budding child guitarists preparing to rock the world in the coming years- here we present to you the good and easy guitar tabs of songs for just you kids. These single string tabs are immensely simple and you can play them without any hassle. So, start strumming your favourite tunes right now and amaze your family and friends with your unique style.

To all the future guitarists, the world is yours now. It is time you conquer the world by honing the skills that you are harbouring in your heart. So, play these simple and easy songs using the single string tabs and make your family and loved ones super proud of you. The tabs have been provided in an elementary way so that you don’t feel any hassle while trying to master the tabs. Now go on and surprise your family by strumming the happy birthday tabs on their birthdays.

Guitar Tabs for Hindi Songs on Single String

Guitar and Bollywood! This combination is pure love. Hindi songs have always ruled our hearts and minds. Be it the mesmerising melodies of Kishore Da or those soulful renditions by Arijit Singh, playing them on the guitar is not just fun but also a blissful experience. And that is why we are providing here the easy guitar tabs for Hindi songs that can be played on a single string. These numbers have been mainly made for the beginners and we have divided and enlisted the songs into different fields so that you can strum those numbers according to your mood and spirits.

Single String Guitar Tabs [New Hindi Songs]

Attention to all the new Hindi melody lovers. Here we have compiled and curated out of love the one string guitar songs in Hindi which have been released in the recent times. These songs will describe your different moods. So, if you are facing a devastating break up or want to dance like there is no tomorrow or can feel the blooming romance all over your heart then this playlist of new Hindi guitar songs played on single string is just for you.

Single String Guitar Tabs [Old Hindi Songs]

Old is gold. We all agree to that. And those retro hits are simply love from which we can never get over on. The golden voice of Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Hemant Mukherjee, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle to name some- and the musical compositions of the veteran R.D Burman, S.D. Burman, Salil Chowdhury- these are some of the unforgettable gifts that still resound in our ears and which we will carry with us till we live. So, retro hit fans- here is your jamming list of old Hindi guitar songs that you can play on one string. These are specially made for the beginners and you can master them in a wink of an eye.

Bollywood lovers and fans of Hindi songs. Your go to list is thus in front of you. We have divided these songs into two categories- the new songs and the old songs. So if you are feeling like grooving and jamming to the modern numbers then check this playlist of the new Hindi songs (single string tabs) and if you want to delve deep into the old retro melodies and want to embrace the world of Kishore Da and dance along with the 90s floor fillers then we have covered that as well under the old songs. So just strum along and enjoy a magically musical evening with your beloved guitar.

So, this is the curated and compiled list that we present in front of you. The list as you can see has been arranged in a compact and organised way, thus letting you choose and strum those songs which your mood harmonises well with. Retro hits to the latest melodies, everything is under one roof. You do not have to search all over the internet for procuring the easy guitar string tabs for the different songs anymore. Now, take out your guitar and without much dilly-dally start strumming these easy single string tabs and astonish everyone around you with your undiscovered potential and unexplored versatility.

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