Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean Guitar Tabs on Single String

Pirates of the Carribean Tabs | Many of you requested to add the single strings tabs version of Pirates of the Caribbean, so yeah we are here with the easy tabs of the theme song by Jack Sparrow. This PTC series was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and is based on theme park of Walk Disney. In this movie the role of Jack Sparrow is being played by Johnny Deep, the PTC was first released in 2003

The below that we have shared can be played either on the B string (2nd String) or you can also play the same tabs on the high E string (1st String)

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Guitar Tabs in Detail—Single String

B | 0–3–5–5–5–7–8–8
B | 8–10–7–7–5–3–3–5
B | 0–3–5–5–5–7–8–8
B | 8–10–7–7–5–3–5

B | 0–3–5–5–5–8–10–10
B | 10–12–13–13–12–10–12–5
B | 5–7–8–8–10–12–5
B | 5–8–7–7–8–5–7

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Theme Song Video

Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song

Song Credits

Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Releasing Year: 2003
Language: English (US)
Country: United States
Production: Walt Disney Pictures

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