Easy: Doraemon Guitar Tabs | Single String—Cartoon (ドラえもん)

ドラえもん/Doraemon Guitar Tabs on Single String | Presenting the single string tabs for your child favorite cartoon – Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio is the person behind Doraemon, he has illustrated & written this Japanese series & has been published by Shogakukan. This series is one of the most successful anime series all around the globe, this is the best song that you can learn (If you have a child or you show love towards anime). This cartoon is based on a boy (Nobita Nobi) who always get the poor marks in his tests. Nobita Nobi has a robotic cat with him, which is sent by his  descendants. Doraemon is a futuristic cat and has lots of amazing gadgets in his 4 dimensional pocket, Nobita’s descendants sends this robo cat just protect and guide him. The gadget that i love that most is the Bamboo-Copter (Take-Koputa) followed by Anywhere Door (Magical Door/Doko Demo Doa). So let’s go deep into the music of this cute song, the tabs that we’ve shared for the Doraemon title song are tabbed on the G & B string (Third and Second String resp.) in the below tabs we’ve used (open) at some places which measn that you need to play the open note of that particular string like we’ve added open in the starting of the song as G | (open) which means you’ve to play the G string without pressing any of the fret of your Guitar’s fret-board.

Contents (Post Overview)

Guitar Tabs in Detail—Single String

G | (open)–5–5–
B | 5–10–5–8–
Zindagi sawar doon

B | 8–10–8–5–6–5–3–
Ek nayi bahar du

G | 2––
B | 3–3–6–12–12–8–10
Duniya hi badal du me to

B | 6–6–6–5–
G | 2–4–5–7–
Pyaara sa chamatkar hoon

G | (open)–5–5–
B | 5–10–5–8–
Main kisi ka swapna hun

B | 8–10–8–5–6–5–3–
Jo aaj ban chuka hun sach

G | 2––
B | 3–3–6–12–12–8–10–
ab yeh mera sapna hai ki

B | 6–6–6–5–3–(open)–3–1–
Sabke sapne sach me karu

B | 10–10–10–8–6–8–10–8–
Aasmaan ko choo loon

B | 3–5–6–3–8–
Titli ban udoo

B | 10–8–3–5–6–3–8–
B | 10–8–6–
G | 7––
B | 12–10–8–10–8–6–
haa haaa haaaan me hu ek udtaa robo (Robot)

B | 8–10–5–3–1–

B | 10–10–10–8–6–8–10–8–
Maano ya na maano

G | 7––
B | 12–10–8–10–8–6–
Me hu ek udtaa robo

B | 8–10–5–3–1–

Song Credits

Song Name: Doraemon/Doremon Cartoon/Nobita Cartoon/
Written by Fujiko F. Fujio
Published by Shogakukan
English Publisher: Fujiko Pro/Shogakukan Asia
Language: Hindi (Anime)
Dubbed for India
Type: Single String Song for Beginners
Difficulty Level: Easy

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