Give Me Some Sunshine Guitar Tabs | Single String for Beginners

We are often left stranded by life in situations of crisis and pain. These are the times when we get depressed and fear that we may lose the battle. Give me some sunshine is that iconic song from the film Three Idiots that understands you well and also understands the situation well. Sung by the versatile Suraj Jagan and Sharman Joshi, this melody has been composed by the talented Shantanu Moitra and has been penned down by the poetic Swanand Kirkire. Give me some sunshine guitar chords are simple and easy. So here we provide the single strings guitar tabs for beginners so that they can play this melody without a single flaw. The strings that have been used are B String (2nd String) and G string (3rd String) at some places. This melancholic song acts as a ray of hope when you feel down and low. The melody belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre.

Give Me Some Sunshine Single String Guitar Tabs

Saari Umar Hum Mar-Mar ke Ji Liye
B | –3\5-5-5-1-3-1h3-3\5-5-5-1-3-

Ek Pal To Abb Hume
B | –1h3-3\5-5-5-1-3-

Jeene Do Jeene Do
B | –1p0—–1-1-0-1\3-
G | ——-2———

Sari Umar Hum Mar-Mar ke Ji Liye
B | –3\5-5-8-5/3-1h3-3\5-5-5\8-5-5/3-

Ek Pal To Abb Hume
B | –1h3-3\5-5-5-1-3-

Jeene Do Jeene Do
B | –1p0—–1-1-0-1\3-
G | ——-2——–

Na Na NaNa Naa
B | –8-8-5-6-

Na Na NaNa Naa
B | –5-6-8-8-5-6

NaaNa Na Na
B | –8-8-5-6-

NaNa NaNa NaNa Naa
B | –8-8-8-13-13-12-13\15-

Give Me Some Sun Shine
B | –13-15-17-17-17-17-15

Give Me Some Rain
B | –17-17-13-15\17-15-

Give Me Another Chance
B | –17-17-17-17-15-15

I Wanna GrowUp Once Again
B | –13/12-10-13-13-12-13\15-

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Give me some sunshine is an immensely heart-wrenching song. This is because it is the sad and sorrowful tale of every student. Due to this rat race, in which we have to survive, we are often pressurised to perform well beyond our capacities. And in this struggle to do well, get into a reputed college and then get a good well-paid job, we often have to encounter anxiety, stress and depression. Often many students who cannot cope with this burden of responsibilities suffer and end up committing suicide or harming themselves by taking to drug abuse and things like that. This melody gives voice and addresses to all those issues that nobody thinks about or doesn’t pay heed to. This is not merely some words put together in a song but a depiction of the harsh reality where “concentrated H2SO4 ne pura bachpan jala dala”. The video of this song also shows a sad and ugly truth and brings tears to the eyes. This is a unifying tale for all the students in every nook and cranny of this world. And if you are a beginner, learning to strum the guitar, then play these single string tabs and serenade to this melody and vent out your grief.

Song Credits

Artists/Singers: Sharman Joshi, Suraj Jagan
Movie/Film: 3 Idiots
Releasing Year: 2009

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