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Alan Walker – Easy Faded Single String Guitar Tabs

Faded Single String Guitar Tabs (Version 1)

B| 3–3–3–7-7
B| 12–12–12–10
B| 7–7–7–5-5
B| 2–2–2–2

Faded Guitar Tabs Single String (Version 2)

B| 7—–7—–7—–11—-16—-16—-16—-14—-11—-11—-11—-11—-6—–6—–6—–6-
B| 7—–7—–7—–11—-16—-16—-16—-14—-11—-11—-11—-11—-6—–6—–6—–6-
B| 7–4–4–7–4–7–9–11-7–7–7–11–
B| 7–7–4–7–4–7–9–9–
B| 7–7–4–7–4–7–9–11-7–7–14-11–
B| 11-11-11-11-
B| 11-11-11-11-
B| 11—-11—-11—-19-18-16—-16—-16—-14—-11—-11—-14-12-11-9–6-

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Song Credits

Artist/Singer: Alan Walker
Vocalist: Iselin Solheim
Directors: Rikkard & Tobias Häggbom
D.O.P: Rikkard Häggbom
Actor: Shahab Salehi

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