Easy: Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Guitar Tabs on Single String—Armaan Malik

Quick & Easy: Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Guitar Tabs on Single String | Presenting the tabs for one of most exciting love song for beginners by Armaan Malik – Ghar Se Nikalte Hi. Before you read more about the song we would like to inform you that this single string tabs series is strictly for beginners only. If you’re a beginner then this post is for you, the strings that we’ve used to play the song are B/2nd string & E/first string (high string). We’ve covered most of the part of this song on the second string i.e. the B string, but we’ve also used E i.e the second string to give the actual feel of the original music of this song. This song is adapted from the original song “Ghar se nikalte hi”, which was originally composed by Rajesh Roshan, sung by Udit Narayan Ji & the lyrics were penned by Javed Akhtar. This song has been reprised by Armaan Malik in his soulful voice and the music of this reprised version is composed by Amaal Mallik (Brother of Armaan Malik), lyrics are penned by Kunaal Vermaa.

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Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Guitar Tabs — Single String

B | 5–6–3–5–6–8–6
Ghar se nikalte hi

B | 10–10–13–8–5–8–6
Kuch door chalte hi

E | 8–13–12–8–3–5–3–5
Raste me hai uska ghar

B | 5–6–3–5–6–8–6
Pehli dafa mene

B | 10–10–13–8–5–8–6
Jab usko dekha to

E | 8–13–12–8–3–5–3–5
Saansein gyi ye thehar

B | 8–10–13–10–6–5–8
Rhti hai dil me mere

B | 8–10–13–10–6–5–6
Kaise batau use

B | 8–10–13–10–6–5–8
Me to nhi keh saka

B | 8–10–13–10–6–5–8
Koi bata de use

B | 10–13–10–13–10–13–10–13–3–6–6–8–8–6–6–10
Uski gali me hai dhali kitni he shaamein meri

B | 10–13–10–13–10–13–
E | 10–
B | 13–3–6–6–8–10–8–6
Dekhe kbhi wo jo mujhe khush hu me itne me hi

E | 5–6–10–10–10–5–6–10–8–8
Maine tareeke sau azmaayein

E | 5–6–10–10–12–10–5–6–10–8–8
Jaake usey na kuch bol paaye

E | 7–7–7–7–8–3–8–6–5
Baithe rhe hum raat bhar

B | 5–6–3–5–6–8–6
Ghar se nikalte hi

B | 10–10–13–8–5–8–6
Kuch dur chalte he

E | 8–13–12–8–3–5–3–5
Raste mein hai uska ghar

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Original Song Video

Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Song | Amaal Mallik Feat. Armaan Malik | Bhushan Kumar | Angel

Song Credits

Song Name: Ghar Se Nikalte Hi
Singer/Artist: Armaan Malik
Reprised by Amaal Mallik
Lyricist: Kunaal Vermaa
Directed by Charit Desai
Originally Composed by Rajesh Roshan
Originally Sung by Udit Narayan
Originally Penned by Javed Akhtar
Backing Vocals Performed by Suzanne D’mello
Live Guitars: Ankur Mukherjee
Live Flute: Paras Nath
Live Rhythms & Percussions Conducted & Performed by Dipesh Varma
Live Dholaks: Navin Sharma
Live Bass: Roland Fernandes
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Type: Single String Song for Beginners
Difficulty Level: Easy

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