ROY Intro: Tu Hai Ki Nahi Whistle Guitar Tabs | Single String (Multiple Versions)

Quick & Easy – Tu Hai Ki Nahi Guitar Lead | Presenting guitar tabs of whistle part of Tu Hai Ki Nahi song from ROY movie on one single/one string guitar tabs for beginners. The lyrics of this melodious song are penned by Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay & sung by none other than Ankit Tiwari Ji. Bringing different versions for you for covering the whistle part of this song – Only single string guitar tabs, three string guitar tabs, two string guitar tabs. The easiest version that we’ve shared below is tabbed on B & G String/2nd & 3rd string of guitar.

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Contents (Post Overview)

Version 1: Only Single String Guitar Tabs (Easiest)

B | 12—10—7—5—7—10—

G | 7

G | 9—7—9—7—9—11—9—4—2—

B | 12—10—7—5—7—10—

G | 7

G | 11—9—9—7—9—11—9—4—2—

Version 2: Three String Guitar Tabs

E |—————————————————————
B |-9/11-9-6————–6-6h9————————
G |—————–8———————-6——————
D |————————————————————
A |————————————————————
E |————————————————————

E |—————————————————————
B |——6-6—————-6———————————
G |-6———-8—6-8———8-6———————–
D |———————————————-6————
A |————————————————————
E |————————————————————

Play the above lead on the D, B & G String.

Version 3: Two String Guitar Tabs

E |-4\6–4–1———1–11h4————————
B |—————-4—————–2———————
G |————————————————————
D |————————————————————
A |————————————————————
E |————————————————————

Play the above lead twice on the E & B String.

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Original Song Video

'Tu Hai Ki Nahi' FULL VIDEO Song | Roy | Ankit Tiwari | Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Tseries

Song Credits

Song Name: Tu Hai Ki Nahi
Singer/Artsist: Ankit Tiwari
Music by Ankit Tiwari
Lyricsist: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
Movie/Album/Film: Roy
Music Label: T-series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Type: Easy Single String Song
Difficulty Level: Easy
Releasing Year: 2015

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