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Easy Intro Single String Guitar Tabs for Emptiness | Tune Mere Jaana

Intro Tabs on Single String for Emptiness

E |----5-8-5------5-8-5
B |-6----------6-------
G |--------------------

E |----5-8-5------5-8-5
B |-5----------5-------
G |--------------------

E |------6-------------6-----
B |---6-----6-------6------6-
G |7------------7------------

E |------------6----------
B |--5-8-5-8-------8--6---
G |5----------------------

Tutorial Video for the above tabs

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or you can also play the below tabs on A string, but it’s a bit hard to play.

A |--8--12-15-12-8--12-15-12

A |--8--12-15-12-8--12-15-12-

A |--5--8--13-8--5--8--13-8--

A |--3--7--10-7--10-12-10-7--8-
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