[Easy] Purani Jeans Aur Guitar Chords with Strumming Pattern

Often when nostalgia hits us hard and we walk down the memory lane either we carry a fond smile on our face or shed a happy tear. Purani Jeans from Qarar vol. 2 is that song which relates to this feeling. Sung by the mellifluous Ali Haider, this soulful melody has been composed by Ali Haider, John Mall and Arshad Mahmud and penned by Ali Haider, John Mall and Nazir Kazmi. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this number uses the guitars and the drums quite euphoniously. Purani Jeans aur guitar chords are easy and simple and can be played by the beginners and amateurs as well. The guitar chords of Purani jeans aur guitar are C, Am, F, G. The melody has been played in the C scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Purani Jeans aur guitar follow the strumming pattern of D D UUDUD DU or DD UUUD.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DD UUUD or D D UUDUD DU

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Chords of Purani Jeans Aur Guitar

Status: Accurate & Verified
Song Scale/Key
: C
Chords Used: C, Am, F, G
No. of Chords: 4
Difficulty: Easy
Strumming Pattern: DD UUUD or D D UUDUD DU

Purani [C]Jeans Aur [Am]Guitar
Mohalle [F]Ki Wo Chatt Or Mere [C]Yaar
Woh Raaton [C]Ko Jaag[Am]naa
Subha Ghar [F]Jaana Koodke Di[C]waar

Woh Cigarette [Am]Peena Gali Mein [F]Jaake
Woh Karna [G]Daanton Ko Ghadi-Ghadi [C]Saaf

Pahuch Na [C]College Humesha [Am]Late
Woh Kehna [F]Sir Ka, “Get Out From The [C]Class”
Woh Bahar [C]Jaake Humesha [Am]Kehna
Yahaan Ka [F]System, He Hai Khar[C]aab

Woh Jaake [Am]Canteen Mein, Table Ba[F]jaake
Woh Gaane [G]Gaana, Yaaro Ke [C]Saath

Bs [C]Yaadein Yaadein [Am]Yaadein Reh Jaati Hai
Kuch [F]Choti-Choti [G]Baatein Reh Jaati Hai
Bs [C]Yaadeinnnn…

Woh Papa [C]Ka, Daata[Am]na
Woh Kehna [F]Mummy Ka, Chhodein Ji [C]Aap
Tumhe Toh [C]Bs, Nazar Aa[Am]ta Hai
Jahaan Me [F]Beta, Mera He Khar[C]aab

Woh Dil Mein [Am]Sochna, Karke Kuch Di[F]khaade
Woh Karna [G]Planning, Roz Nayi [C]Yaar

Ladakpan [C]Ka, Woh Pehla [Am]Pyaar
Woh Likhna [F]Haatho Pe, A+[C]R
Woh Khidki [C]Se, Jhaak[Am]na,
Woh Likhna [F]Letter, Unhein Baar [C]Baar

Voh Dena [C]Tofey Mein, Sone Ki [Am]Baaliyaan
Voh Lena [F]Dosto Se, Paise Ud[C]haar

Bas [C]Yaadein, Yaadein, Yaadein Reh Jaa[Am]ti Hai
Kuch [G]Choti, Choti [Am]Baatein Reh Jaati Hai
Bas [C]Yaadeinnnn…

Aisa Yaadon [C]Ka Mosam Chala
Bhul[F]ta He Nhi, Dil Me[C]ra

Kahaan Meri [C]Jeans Aur Gui[Am]tar
Mohalley [F]Ki Wo Chhat, Aur Mere [C]Yaar
Voh Raaton [C]Ko, Jaag[Am]na,
Subha Ghar [F]Jaana, Koodke Dee[C]waar

Purani [C]Jeans, Aur [Am]Guitar
Mohalle [F]Ki Wo Chatt Or Mere [C]Yaar

Song Credits

Song Title: Purani Jeans
Singer/Artist: Ali Haidar
Album Name: Gore Rang Ka Zamana Best Of Ali Haider
Music Direction: Ali Haider, John Mall & Arshad Mahmud
Language: Urdu/Hindi
Country: Pakistan
Music Label: Saregama India Ltd

More About the Song: Purani Jeans is a song that will make you happy and nostalgic. The lyrics are very conversational and beautifully portray those memories we created in our teen years in college. College life is the most cherished and the best part of our lives and this song very melodiously sums up those unforgettable moments. Haider has done a commendable job and his gentle and dulcet vocals are really enchanting to hear. The tune is a jovial one and can cheer you up in a jiffy. The song has a very cheerful and bubbly sensation about it and that is what compels us to come back to this number again and again. The song and its immense popularity all over the world shows that music has no defined territory and can never be confined. Borders can never limit music and it will spread love and unite people as long as it exists. So well, if you are planning to give a glimpse of college life to those amazing freshers or if you are planning to sum up those awesome moments and present them to your seniors as a token of love that they can carry throughout their lives then this song is just the one you are looking for.

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