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Easy: Baarish Guitar Tabs | Single String

Love playing single string song on your guitar? so we have added tabs of another single string song to our list for super beginners. Well this song goes around the notes of high E string and can be played on this string only. The Baarish song is sung by Ash King & Shashaa Tirupati, lyrics penned by Arafat Mehmood & Tanishk Bagchi and Tanishk Bagchi has also composed the beautiful music of this song.

Guitar Tabs in Detail—Single String

E | 15–13–12–10–10–12–8
Chehre me tere

E | 15–13–12–10–10–13
Khudko me dhoondu

E | 12–10–10–10–12–8–7
Ankhon ke darmiyaan

E | 12–10–10–10–12–8–7
Tu ab hai iss tarah

E | 12–10–10–10–12–8–7
Khwaabon ko bhi jagaah

E | 7–7–8–7–5
Na mile

E | 8–8–10–12–7–8
Yeh mausam ki baarish

E | 8–8–10–12–7–8
Yeh baarish ka pani

E | 7–7–8–10–7–8
Ye paani ki boondein

E | 7–7–8–10–7–8
Tjhe he to dhundey

E | 8–8–10–12–7–8
Ye milne ki khwaahish

E | 8–8–10–12–7–8
Ye khwaahis purani

E | 7–7–8–10–7–8
Ho puri tujhi se

E | 7–7–8–15–13–12–10–12
Ye meri kahani

E | 8–10–12–12–10–12–12–10–12–12–10–12–13–12–10–8–8–7–8–8–7–8

E | 7–8–10–10–8–10–10–8–10–10–8–10–12–10–8–7–7–5–7–7–5–5

E | 8–8–10–8–7–5–7–5–3
Hawaaon se tera

E | 8–8–10–8–7–5–7–5–3
Pta puchtaa hu

E | 8–7–3–5–8–7–3–5
Ab to ajaa tu khi se

E | 8–8–10–8–7–5–7–5–3
Parindo ki tarah

E | 8–8–10–8–7–5–7–5–3
Ye dil hai safar mein

E | 8–7–3–5–8–7–3–5
Tu milaade zindagi se

E | 12–10–10–10–12–8–7
Bs itni illtejaa

E | 12–10–10–10–12–8–7
Tu aake ikk daffaa

E | 12–10–10–10–12–8–7
Jo dil ne na kha

E | 7–7–8–7–5
Jaan le…

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Original Song Video

Song Credits

Song Title: Baarish
Movie/Film: Half Girlfriend
Singers/Artists: Ash King & Shashaa Tirupati
Music Composition: T.Bagchi
Lyrics by Arafat Mehmood & TBagchi
Guitars: Mayukh Sarkar & TBagchi
Santoor by Prashant
Violin Player: Manas
Releasing Year: 2017
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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