Easy: Bebasi Dard Ka Aalam Guitar Tabs | Single String

Are you a beginner? then we have another article for beginners it’s a classic song from the movie Baabul. The tabs that we have shared below  can be played with just single string. The string that we have used to play the single string tabs of Bebasi Dard Ka Aalam is high E string i.e. the first string of your instrument.

Guitar Tabs in Detail—Single String

E | 10–9–10–5–5–7–5–3–2–3–5
Bebasi dard ka aalam

E | 10–9–10–5–5–7–5–3–2–3–7
Tum mujhe dedo apne gam

E | 7–9–10–9–12–14–10–9–7
Khamoshiyaan bhi do

E | 7–9–10–9–12–14–10
Tanhaiyaan bhi do

E | 7–9–10–9–12–12–12–12–15–14–14
Bechainiyaan bhi dedo… dedo naa

E | 12–14–12–10–12–12–14–12–10–10–10–12–7–7
Bheegi palko se chura lunga nami

E | 7–5–7–10–10–12–10–12–10–10–10
Rhne dunga na khi koi kami

E | 12–14–12–10–12–12–14–12–10–10–15–14–12–12–12
Tumko daaman na bhigone dunga

E | 12–12–12–12–9–9–9–9–10–10
Ab kabhi tumko naa rone dunga

Song Credits

Song Name: Bebasi Dard Ka Aalam
Film/Movie: Baabul
Singer/Artist: Kunal Ganjawala
Lyrics by Sameer
Music Composition: Aadesh Shrivastav
Starring: John Abraham, Amitabh Bachchan & Rani Mukherjee
Music Under: T-Series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2006

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