Easy: Kalank Title Song Guitar Tabs on Single String for Beginners

Love is not a blemish, but a pure feeling. It shouldn’t be hidden or hushed but should be proudly boasted of and celebrated. Kalank from the movie Kalank glorifies this feeling. Sung by the one and only Arijit Singh, the melody has been composed by the maestro Pritam and has been penned down by the poetic Amitabh Bhattacharya. The single string tabs for Kalank has been provided here. These one string tabs are easy and can be picked by the beginners in an instant. The strings used in Kalank are 1st String or E String. The single string tabs of Kalank are just for the amateurs. The song is an intensely emotional number and belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre. This track is indeed heart rending and uses various exotic instruments quite euphoniously. The video of this melody is pure delight to watch. Kalank is one of the best sad songs of Bollywood.

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Kalank Title Track Guitar Tabs Single String

Hawaaon me bahenge ghataaon mein rahenge
E | -10-11\13–11–10-11\13–6–6-8\10—8—6-8\11–4-

Tu barkha meri me tera badal pia
E | -4—6\8–6–4-6\10–8h10p8–6-8\9–8h9p8-8–6-6-

Jo tere na hue to kisi ke na rahengey
E | -10-11\13–11–10-11\13–6–6-8\10—8—6-8\11–4-

Diwaani tu meri, me tera paagal piya
E | -4—6\8—–6–4-6\10–8h10p8–6-8\9–8h9p8-8–6-6-

Hazaaron me kisiko takdeer esi
E | -10-11\13–11–10-11\13–13\15–13/10-10/8-6–8-10-

Mili hai ek raanjha or heer jesi
E | -10-11\13–11–10–11\13–13\15/13\15–13/10-10/8-6–8-10-

Na jaane yeh zamaana
E | -6–6-8\10—8—6-8\11–4-

Kyun chaahe yeh mitaana
E | -6——8\10–8–6-8\10\13/11-9-

Kalank nhi ishq hai kaajal piya
E | -4–6\8-6–4-6\10–8h10p8-6–8\9–8h9p8-8–6-6-

Kalank nhi ishq hai kaajal piya
E | -4-6\8-10-13-10—8h10p8-6–8\9–8h9p8-8–6-6-

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Tutorial Video

Kalank - Title Song (Single String) Guitar Tabs Tutorial | Shubham Joshi

More About the Song: Kalank has a different sense of pathos ingrained in it. It paints love in a different shade. Often lovers are separated by society and rival families. Religion still plays a huge role in parting two lovebirds. Kalank upholds these sentiments brilliantly and in an emotional way eulogies love. This song is bound to make you tearful. The melancholy in Arijit Singh’s voice has done justice to the song and has brought out the emotions and feelings marvelously. His deep and dulcet vocals are sheer bliss to the ears and it is for him that we are compelled to come back to this track again and again. The music is also very soothing and relaxing. The different instruments used are spectacular and Pritam has as usual showed us his genius by this stellar composition. The soft and mellow music harmonises well with the sorrowful and crestfallen mood. The lyrics are too metaphorical and heart wrenching. Every jilted lover can find solace in them and can relate to this wonderful song. This song is nothing less than a masterpiece. And if you are a beginner learning to strum the guitars, play the 1 string easy tabs of Kalank and voice out your pain.

Song Credits

Song Name: Kalank Title
Movie/Album: Kalank
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music Composition: Pritam
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Releasing Year: 2019

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