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Betrayals, cheating and unfaithfulness is something that is unforgivable. It breaks the heart into pieces and rips off the soul. Pachtaoge from the album Jaani ve justifies this statement. Sung by the one and only Arijit Singh, this track has been composed by the maestro B Praak and has been penned down by the poetic Jaani. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this song uses a lot of exotic instruments and the guitars, the drums and others euphoniously. Pachtaoge chords are of the medium level of difficulty and can be played by the skilled ones only. The guitar chords of Pachtaoge are five in number and they are Fm, C, Bbm/A#m, Db/C#. The song has been played in the Fm scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Pachtaoge have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of D DUDU & the chords with Capo on first fret are Em, Am, & C.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DUDU

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Pachtaoge Guitar Chords with Capo

Note: We have also shared the non-capo version of this song in this article.
Capo Position
: 1st Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Em, Am, C
Strumming Pattern: D DUDU

Intro Music:
[Em] [Am]

Ho mujhe (Em)chodhkr jo tum (Am)jaoge
Jo tum (C)jaoge Jo tum (Em)jaoge

Ho mujhe (Em)chodhkr jo tum (Am)jaoge
Bada pachh(C)taaoge bada pachh(Em)taaoge
Bada pachh(C)taaoge bada pachh(Em)taaoge

(Em)Sunniya-sunniya galliyan dey vich (Am)roll na deyi
(Em)Boohe kisi horr layi tu (Am)khol na deyi
(Em)Sunniya-sunniya galliyan dey vich (Am)rol na deyi
(Em)Boohe kisi horr layi tu (Am)khol na deyi

Ho shaayar (C)Jaani nu je ru(Em)laogey
Bada pach(C)taogey bada pach(Em)taaogey

[Em] [Am]

(Em)Tere bina zindagi gu(Am)zaarengey kive
(Em)Jaan jaan kihnnu puk(Am)aarengey kive
(Em)Tere bina zindagi gu(Am)zaarengey kive
(Em)Jaan jaan kihnnu puk(Am)aarengey kive

(C)Karogey je karogey je (Em)dagga karogey
(C)Sadde wali maut tussi (Em)vi tey maroge
Allah! (Em)wekhda zulm ka(Am)maaoge
Bada pach(C)taaogey bada pach(Em)taaogey

Ho mujhe (Em)chodkar jo tum (Am)jaaoge
Jo tum (C)jaoge Jo tum (Em)jaogey

[Em] [Am]

(Em)Mujh se jo nazrey chu(Am)raane lage ho
(C)Lagta hai koi or gali (Em)jaane lage ho
(Em)Khwaab jo dekhey hum (Am)dono ne milkey
(C)Dheere-dheere kyun daf(Am)naane lage ho

(C)Kr naa tu hor bar(Em)bad chad de
(C)Rohndeya da lena (Em)swaad chad de
Je saanu (Em)pyar layi ehna tar(Am)saoge
Bada Pach(C)taaoge Bada Pach(Em)taaoge

Ho mujhe (Em)chod kar jo tum (Am)jaoge
Jo tum (C)jaoge Jo tum (Em)jaoge

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Pachtaoge Guitar Chords without Capo

Song Key/Scale: Fm
Chords Used: Fm, C, Bbm/A#m, Db/C#
Strumming Pattern: D DUDU

Intro Music: [A#m]

Ho mujhe [Fm]chod kar jo tum [C]jaoge
Jo tum [A#m]jaaoge, Jo tum [Fm]jaaoge

Ho mujhe chhod kar jo tum [C]jaoge

Bada pach[A#m]taaoge bda pach[Fm]taoge
Bada pach[A#m]taaoge bda pach[C]taoge

Suniya [Fm]sunniya galliyaan de wich rol [A#m]na deyi
Boohey [Fm]kisi hor laayi khol [C]na deyi

Suniya [Fm]sunniya galliyaan de wich rol [A#m]na deyin
Boohey [Fm]kisi hor laayi khol [C]na deyi

Ho shaayar [Fm]Jaani je rul[C]aoge
Bda pach[C#]taoge bada pach[C]taoge [Fm]

[Fm]Tere bina zindagi gu[C]zaarenge kive
[A#m]Jaan-jaan kinnu pu[Fm]kaarenge kive
Tere bina zindagi gu[C7]zaarenge kive
[A#m]Jaan jaan kinnu pu[Fm]kaarenge kive

Karoge je karoge je [C]dagga karoge
[C#]Sadde wali maut tussi [C]wi te maroge
Allah [Fm]wekhda, zulam ka[C]maaoge
Bada pach[C#]taoge bada pach[A#m]taao[C]gey

Ho mujhe [Fm]chod kr jo tum [C]jaoge
Bada pach[C#]taoge bada pach[C]taoge

[Fm]Mujh se jo nazre churaane lge ho
[C]Lgta hai koi or gali [C7]jaane lge ho
[Fm]Khwaab jo dekhe hum [C#]dono ne mil ke
[C7]Dheere-dheere kyu dafnane lge ho

[Fm]Kr na tu horr bar[C]baad chad de
[C#]Rohndeya da lena s[C]waad chad de
Je saanu [Fm]pyar layi ehna tar[C]saoge
Bada Pach[C#]taoge Bada Pach[A#m]taao[C]ge

Ho mujhe [Fm]chhod kr jo tum [C]jaaoge
Bada pach[C#]taoge bada pach[A#m]tao[C]ge


Arijit Singh: Pachtaoge | Vicky Kaushal, Nora Fatehi |Jaani, B Praak, Arvindr Khaira | Bhushan Kumar

Song Credits

Song Title: Pachtaoge
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Album Title: Jaani Ve
Lyrics by Jaani
Music Composition: Jaani & B Praak
Starring: Vicky Kaushal, Nora Fatehi
Music Label: T-Series
Release Date: 23 August 2019
Language: Punjabi

More About the Song:  Pachtaoge is an extremely heart rendering song. The infidelity of the beloved will make her repent later has been very beautifully brought out in this track. The lyrics are deeply emotional and touching. The jilted lover’s pain has been shown quite perfectly. The music is doleful and melancholic and will strike the inner most chords of your hearts. B Praak has like always showed us his genius and has gifted us yet again another evergreen romantic sad song. However what steals the show is the pain imbibed deeply in Arijit Singh’s voice. His rich and dulcet vocals compel us to come back to this number again and again. The heartbroken vibe and the anguish of the betrayed lover has been mesmerizingly presented to us by Arijit Singh. The video of this song features the stunner Nora Fatehi, the heart throb Vicky Kaushal and the handsome Prabh Uppal and it is a delight to watch. Nora and Vicky have kept us spellbound by their stellar performances. The melody harmonises well with the dejected and the woeful mood. And if you too are facing a similar pathetic situation then this song is the ideal one for you to release your grief and sorrow.
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