List of Best Radha Krishna Bengali Bhajan | Bangla Songs

God is our only ray of hope. Whenever we are in danger or in some dire circumstance and do not find any silver lining, it is the Almighty above who arms us and protects us from all harms and hazards. He is our Guardian Angel and it is in his loving arms that we should surrender ourselves to. Undying devotion to Lord Krishna and Radha is our saviour. Blind faith in Sri Krishna and Radha indeed saves us from every risks and looming perils. Since love, reverence and piety has no language, here we present to you some chosen Radha Krishna Bengali Bhajans. These hymns are filled with spirituality and boundless love and will replenish you with a never-ending gratitude and adherence towards Sri Krishna and Radha. The holy songs have been chosen with utmost affection and care so that you can play them and embrace yourself in a pure atmosphere as you offer your prayers and worships to the Creator above.

Here is the list of the Bengali Bhajans of Radha Krishna that have been curated specially for you. The Bhajans are:

1. Joy Radhe from the album JOY RADHE is a melody that will invigorate you with an undying love for Keshav and Radha.

2. Bolo Sam is an old and traditional Bhajan which invokes Radha Madhav and asks us to offer our gratitude and sincere prayers to Them.

3. Brindabono Bilashini by Norottom Das Thakur is a melodious Holy song that makes this playlist complete.

4. Radha Krishna Bol Re O Mon is Lokgeeti that hails the Deities above and asks us to surrender ourselves completely to Them.

5. Ami Tomar Rai Kishori by Anuradha Paudwal & Swapan Kar is a very beautiful Bhajan and will sanctify and purify your mind removing all the negativities harbouring inside you.

6. Shyam Keno Aar Ase Na by Swapan Kar is a Bhajan where Radha eulogises Krishna and bids Him to come to visit Her. It is a very sweet melody.

7. Radhakrishna Satnam by Gauri Pandit is a Bengali Bhajan where Lord Krishna and Radha are hailed and eulogized.

8. Bhajo Radha Krishna Gopal by Mahesh Ranjan Some is a religious song that calls the Divine Creator so that we can pay our ardent prayers to Them.

9. Saje Naol Kishore by Mahesh Ranjan Some is a Bhajan that is full of reverence and without this melody the playlist is incomplete.

10. Amar Radha Krishna by the veteran Anup Jalota is a very sweet and euphonious Bhajan that harmonises well with the ecclesiastical ambience.

11. Dekona Amay Ghonoshyam is another Bhajan by the mellifluous Anup Jalota that is a must play during the evening prayers as it perfectly captures a pious and sacred atmosphere.

12. Gunje Bhramra by Anup Jalota is an extremely devotional Bhajan that will make your heart brim with overflowing love for our Krishna Murari.

13. Sakhi Shyamer Lagiya is an ancient Bhajan that arouses our devotional feelings and intoxicates us with the love for the Divinity.

14. Tumi Je Radhar Krishna is a folk Bhajan which binds Radha Krishna together and also make us overwhelmed with affection towards the Almighty above.

15. Bonomali Go Tumi by Sabina Yeasmin is a very soothing Bhajan that hails Radha-Madhav and brings out our emotions and faith making us engrossed in devotion and compassion.

Radha and Krishna have always been worshipped by us since time immemorial. Lord Krishna is not only our Bhagwan, but also our Guide and Friend, who will always stand by us and shield us from impending doom. From Sri Krishna and Radha we learn selfless, unconditional love, compassion and altruism. Like Mirabai and Ahalyabai, our allegiance and faith in God should be limitless and incessant. These Radha Krishna Bhajans in Bengali are those vespers that will kindle this ceaseless trust and belief in God. So in the times of dread and jeopardy, let the immortal Creator heal us and safeguard us all and let us pray to Him and engulf ourselves in a very sacred and chaste aura. May God bless all of us. Joy Radha-Madhav. Radha-Krishner Joy.

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