MTV Hustle: Nikita Sharma’s Rap on Feminism Lyrics + Video

Rap is a very powerful method of sending strong messages. This genre of music is now too popular among the youngsters and millions of the audiences and listeners are just crazy for these songs. Raps are poems in music which have very catchy content, an enchanting delivery method and use the street vernaculars and other catch-phrases. Raps are dependent on timings of the rapper and his or her chanting method. Some eminent rappers are Eminem, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and others. In India, we have a number of versatile and talented rappers like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar and Ikka to mention some. Raps are used in films nowadays too. To promote the rap culture, MTv has brought out a new show which is called the MTv Hustle that is a huge platform for the budding rappers to promote and showcase their rapping skills and build their careers.

Mtv Hustle is a very popular and entertaining show. So many talented artists from different part of the countries show their talents here. We get to see a glimpse of adept rapping skills, and the raps performed by them are truly mesmerising. The show aired first on 10th August, 2019. From then its TRP has reached a high peak. The judges of this show are Nucleya, Raja Kumar and Raftaar. The show is hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca.

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MTV Hustle | Rap on Fake Feminism Lyrics by Nikita Sharma

Equality Ke Naare Laga Liye
Feminish Ke Bhi Jhande Lehra Liye
Humko Karna Sab Allowed Hai
Kyunki Hum Hain Chhori Chhore
Karde Kuch Toh Denge Unko

Lambi Chaudi Theory
Kutte Mummy Ne Nahi Sikhaaya Gaali Nahi Bakte
Ladki Kuch Bhi Keh De Par Tum Chup Rahoge
Equality Parantu Date Pe Paise Tum Hidoge
Woh Karde Tumko Khokla Par Usko Nahi Parakhte

Naarivaad Ki Karo Jai
Kehke Yeh Naari Tumko Kharonche
Darr Toh Banta Hai Inke Haath Janta Hai
Thoda Rona Dhona Inka Saara Kaam Banta Hai

Naarivaad Ki Karo Jai
Kehke Yeh Naari Tumko Kharonche
Darr Toh Banta Hai Inke Haath Janta Hai
Thoda Rona Dhona Inka Saara Kaam Banta Hai

Main Gaali Bakdu Chalta Hai
Main Gaali Bakdu Chalta Hai
Main Maaru Chalta Hai
Ladke Taadu Chalta Hai

Lambi Line Chhodh Aage Badh Doon Challta Hai
Ghar Pe Baithoon Chalta Hai
Du Bahaane Chalta Hai

Hashtag #metoo Pe Jhooth Bolu Chalta Hai
Dowry Ke Ilzaam Pe Paise Lootu Chalta Hai
Husn Dikha Ke Promotion Lelu Chalta Hai
Fit Hoon Phir Bhi Tujhko Utha Ke Seat Lelu Chalta Hai

Naarivaad Ki Karo Jai
Kehke Yeh Naari Tumko Kharonche
Darr Toh Banta Hai Inke Haath Janta Hai
Thoda Rona Dhona Inka Saara Kaam Banta Hai

Waise Ek Baat Bolu Aisa Nahi Chalta Hai Yaar
Kuch Bolte Hain Chal Nahi Pa Rahe
Badh Nahi Pa Rahe Yaar Ab Nahi Banta Hai Yaar

Feminism Ne Aaj Yeh Bhi Sikhaaya Chhoriyon Ko
Bechaariyaan Chhoriyon Ne He Banaya
Jinko Badhna Hai Woh Badhti Hai Pahaad Akele Chadhti Hai
Kuch Hain Jinko Bahaao Ke Pallu Ne Chhupaya

Kandhe Se Kandha Milake Chalna Hai Toh Chaldo Na
Koi Masla Hai Toh Hal Do Na

Haq Ki Ladai Keh Ke
Befizul Akdo Na
Haq Ki Ladai Keh Ke
Befizul Jhagdo Na

Balaji Mein Socho Ekta Na Hoti
Chand Kalpana Ki Kalpana Hi Na Hoti
Muqaable Mein Mary Kom Ne Muh Ke Bal Na Pela Hota
Soch Agar Jhansi Ki Rani Veer Nahi Sati Hoti
Bahane Banake Peeche Hatna Hai Aasaan

Ikkeesvi Sadi Tujhko Kaun Rokega
Ja Laga Jaan
Hindustaan Ka Ban Abhimaan
Maangte Nahi Chhori
Kamaate Hai Sammaan


fake feminism rap song 2020 by Nikita sharma

In this show there is a contestant named Nikita R. Sharma who is now trending all over the internet as her rap on fake feminism has gone viral now. This talented girl loves to compose her own lyrics and her flair for rapping is seen by her deft skills. Her latest rap is indeed a strong eye-opener to every girl who uses fake feminism as a shield to protect themselves lest their hypocrisy gets caught. Nikita Sharma’s powerful rap has stormed everywhere and she is now the new sensation.

Fake feminism is on the rise now. There are many girls who use it to go on with their pretence and falsity. When there are girls truly deprived of their rights and liberties, there also exists a group of fake feminists who demand for equality but promote inequality under the name of it. While they want men and women to have equal rights, then why do they also ask for the seats to be reserved for them? Dowry is indeed punishable, but what about those girls who extort huge amounts of money from their boyfriends and husbands? A woman surely should be independent and should stand on her own feet, but why do boys have to sponsor and shell out money on dates? And there are some attention craving women who use the #metoo to gain cheap publicity by accusing some men falsely and ruining their lives. The list on this affected piety is never ending. But Nikita has done a commendable job indeed and has truly nailed it by delivering such an important message. Fake feminism needs to be stopped. It is an immoral act and shouldn’t be supported at all. So let’s come together and spread Nikita’s rap worldwide so that those involved in it become alert and aware and mend their ways immediately.

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