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Friends are our siblings from other mothers. Friends play an important role in our lives. Life is incomplete without them. Woh Din from the film Chhichhore testifies this claim. Sung by the mellifluous Tushar Joshi, this song has been composed by the versatile Pritam and has been penned down by the poetic Amitabh Bhattacharya. The melody belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre, and uses the electric and acoustic guitars, the cajon, the harmonica, bass and the whistles euphoniously. Woh din chords are simple and easy can be played by the beginners too fluently. The chords of Woh din are five in number and they are C, F, G, Dm, Am. The melody has been played in the C scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The guitar chords of Woh Din have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of DDD UUUDUDU & D DU UDU.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DDD UUUDUDU & D DU UDU

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Woh Din Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: C
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Chords Used: C, F, G, Dm, Am
Strumming Pattern: DDD UUUDUDU & D DU UDU
Difficulty: Easy

Intro Music:
[C] [F] [G] [C] [x3 Times]

[C]Yaadon [F]ke puraane [C]album [F]mein
Chupaake [C]rakkhe [F]hai humne woh [G]din
Hmm [C]gullak [F]me padi [C]chawanni [F]si
Bachaake [C]rakkhe [F]hai humne woh [G]din

[C]Naa [G]kisi [F]manzil ki [G]fikar thi
[C]Zinda[G]gii [F]jeene ki [G]umar thi
[Dm]Dosti aur [F]doston se
Udhaar ke din [G]the

Chorus (Strumming: D DU UDU)
Woh din bhi kya din the[C]
Wo oo [F]wo [Am]oho [G]wo
Woh din bhi kya din [C]thhe
Wo oo [F]wo [Am]woh [G]wo
Woh din bhi kya din [C]the
Wo oo [F]wo [Am]woh [G]wo
Woh din bhi kya din [C]the
Wo oo [F]wo [Am]woo [G]wo

[C] [F] [C] [G]

[F] [G]

[C]Biggdey [F]hue [G]insaan [F]the
[C]Shaitan [F]kii [G]santaan[F]the

[C] [F] [C] [G]

Ho [C]lekin [F]brother [G]jo bhi [F]kaho
[C]Wo yar [F]he [G]to jaan [F]the

College [C]ki kudi se
[G]Krne aankhein [F]char ke din [G]the
Aaye [Dm]zindagi me [C]phle-phle
[F]Pyar ke din the [G]heyy…

Woh din bhi kyaa din the[C]
Woh [F]oho [Am]woh oh [G]wo
Woh din bhi kyaa din [C]the
Woh [F]oho [Am]woh oh [G]wo
Woh din bhi kyaa din [Dm]the

[Am]ehh [C]eh
[F]oh [G]oo [C]oooh

Music: [C] [F] [Dm] [G]

[C]Karna [F]mana [G]the kam [F]jo
[C]Humne [F]kiya [G]har kam [F]wo

[C]Jinki [F]nai [G]thi [F]permission
[C]Saare [F]kie [G]intezaam [F]wo

Bedhab [C]harkato ke
[G]Bhoot sar pe [F]sawaarke din [G]the
Hadh karne [Dm]ke yaaro
[C]Aar yaa phir [F]paar ke din [G]the

Wo din bhi kya din the[C]
Woh ooh [F]wo [Am]woh oh [G]wo
Wo din bhi kya din[C] thhe
Woh ooh [F]wo [Am]woh oh [G]wo

[C]kharboo[F]jo ko [C]kharboojon [F]ki
Mili si [C]sangat [F]ke apne wo [G]din
[C]Jeevan [F]pe chadhi [C]jawani [F]ki
Nayi si [C]rangat [F]ke apne wo [G]din

[C]Yaad [G]hai [F]filmo ke [G]puraane
[C]R. [G]D. [F]Burman ke wo [G]gaane
[Dm]Band ke [F]keyboard ke
Or guitar ke din [G]the

Woh din bhi kya din the [C]
Wo oho [F]woh [Am]woh ooh [G]woh
Woh din bhi kya din [C]the
Wo oho [F]woh [Am]woh ooh [G]woh
Woh din bhi kya din [C]the
Wo oho [F]woh [Am]woh ooh [G]woh
Woh din bhi kya din [C]the
Wo oho [F]woh [Am]woh ooh [G]woh

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ARIJIT SINGH: Woh Din Lyrical | Chhichhore | Sushant, Shraddha | Pritam, Amitabh

Song Credits

Song Title: Woh Din Arijit Version
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Pritam
Movie: Chhichhore
Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya
Acoustic Guitars by Arijit Singh
Electric Guitars by Aditya Benia&Arijit Singh
Harmonica Player: KalyanBaruah
Piano Player: Natasha Pinto
Bass Player: Raj Kumar Dewan
Music Label: T-Series
Release Date: August 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

More About the Song: Woh din is indeed the friendship anthem of the year. This song is a journey down the memory lane, where we are reminded of all those priceless memories we created with our friends. From bunking lectures, to secretly stalking our first crushes, from borrowing money to treating our friends with chai and sutta, we make some invaluable memories with the family known as friends. And these are the memories we take with us to our graves. The song uses a lot of exotic instruments which are truly amazing to hear. Pritam has given us another hit song which is one of his finest works. The lyrics are also extremely conversational and touching. Amitabh has really done a commendable job as usual. Tushar Joshi has given us a stellar performance and has kept us totally enchanted. His dulcet and gentle vocals are totally mesmerising and are sheer bliss to the ears. This song has another version that has been sung by Arijit Singh and it is as beautiful as this one. The video of this song is a delight to watch on screen. This track is a perfect tribute to our friends and if you want to dedicate a song to your gang of friends, then play them this song and drool in those heavenly memories that you all created together.
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