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Khamoshiyan is a song that very metaphorically defines love and the emotions surrounding it. From the film Khamoshiyan, the song has been sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh, composed by the maestro Jeet Gannguli and penned by the poetic Rashmi Singh. This track is from the feature film soundtrack genre and has a tempo of 147 with a signature 4/4 beat. This melody is a guitar based song and uses the drums and other stringed instruments at the background. Khamoshiyan chords are of the medium level difficulty and there is a need of a bit of skills on the part of the guitarist to play them. The guitar chords of Khamoshiyan are Dm, A#, F, Am, Gm, C. This song has been played in the Dm scale. The chords of Khamoshiyan have a harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of D UUD UUD. This amorous number is indeed the love song of the season.

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Khamoshiyan Chords with Capo

Status: Accurate & Verified
Original Song Scale/Key
: Dm
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 147
Capo Position: 5th Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Am, C, Em, G, Dm, F
Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

(Am)Khamoshiyan (C)awaaz hai
Tum (Em)sunne to (G)aao (Dm)kabhi
Chu(Am)kar tumhe khil (C)jaayengi
Ghar (Em)inko (G)bulaao (Dm)kabhi

(F)Bekarar hai baat karne ko
(G)Kehne do inko (E)zara(F)Khaamoshiyan (Dm)
Teri (G)meri (C)Khamoshiyan
(F)Khaamoshiyan (Dm)
Lipti (G)hui (C)Khamoshiyan (Em)(Am)

(Am)Kyaa us gali me kabhi tera jaana (Dm)hua
(G)Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamana (C)hua
(Am)Mera samay to wahi pe hai thehra (Dm)hua
(G)Batau tumhe kya mere sath kya-kya (C)hua

(Am)Khamoshiyan ek (C)saaz hai
Tum (Em)dhunn koi lao (Dm)zara
(Am)Khamoshiyan (C)alfaaz hai
Kabhi (Em)aa gungoona le (Dm)zara
(F)Bekarar hai baat karne ko
(G)Kehne do inko (E)zara

(F)Khamoshiyan (Dm)
Teri (G)meri (C)Khaamoshiyan
(F)Khamoshiyan (Dm)
Lipti (G)hui (C)Khaamoshiyan (Am)

(Am)Naddiya ka paani bhi khaamosh behta (Dm)yahaan
(G)Khilli chaandni me chippi laakh (C)khamoshiyaan
(Am)Baarish ki boondo ki hoti kahan hai (Dm)zubaan
(G)Sulagte dilo me hai khamosh uthta (C)dhuan

(Am)Khamoshiyan (C)aakash hai
Tum (Em)udne to aao (Dm)zara
(Am)Khamoshiyan (C)ehsaas hai
Tumhe (Em)mehsoos hoti hai (Dm)kya

(F)Bekarar hai baat krne ko
(G)Khne do inko (E)zara

(F)Khamoshiyan (Dm)
Teri (G)meri (C)Khamoshiyan
(F)Khamoshiyan (Dm)
Lipti (G)hui (C)Khamoshiyan (Am)

Khamoshiyan Guitar Chords without Capo

Song Scale/Key: Dm
Chords Used: Dm, F, Am, C, Gm, A#
Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

(Dm)Khamoshiyan (F)awaaz hai
Tum (Am)sunne to (C)ao (Gm)kbhi
Chu(Dm)kar tumhe khill (F)jaeyngi
Ghar (Am)inko (C)bulaao (Gm)kabhi

(A#)Bekraar hai baat krne ko
(C)Kehne do inko (A)zara(A#)Khaamoshiyan (Gm)
Teri (C)meri (F)Khamoshiyan
(A#)Khaamoshiyan (Gm)
Lipti (C)hui (F)Khamoshiyan (Am) (Dm)

(Dm)Kya us gali me kbhi tera jaana (Gm)hua
(C)Jaha se zamaane ko guzre zamana (F)hua
(Dm)Mera samay to whi pe hai thehra (Gm)hua
(C)Batau tumhe kya mere saath kya kya (F)hua

(Dm)Khaamoshiyan ek (F)saaz hai
Tum (Am)dhunn koyi laao (Gm)zara
(Dm)Khaamoshiyan (F)alfaaz hain

Kabhi (Am)aa gungunaale (Gm)zara
(A#)Beqarar hai baat karne ko
(C)Kehne do inko (A)zaraa

(A#)Khaamoshiyan (Gm)
Teri (C)meri (F)Khamoshiyan
(A#)Khamoshiyaan (Gm)
Lipti (C)hui (F)Khamoshiyan (Dm)

(Dm)Nadiya ka pani bhi khaamosh behata (Gm)yaha
(C)Khilli chaandni me chippi lakh (F)khamoshiyan
(Dm)Baarish ki boondon ki hoti kaha hai (Gm)zubaan
(C)Sulaghte dilo me hai khaamosh uthta (F)dhuan

(Dm)Khaamoshiyan (F)akash hai
Tum (Am)udne to aao (Gm)zara
(Dm)Khaamoshiyan (F)ehsaas hai
Tumhein (Am)mehsoos hoti hai (Gm)kya

(A#)Beqarar hai baat karne ko
(C)Kehnedo inko (A)zara

(A#)Khamoshiyan (Gm)
Teri (C)meri (F)Khamoshiyan
(A#)Khamoshiyan (Gm)
Lipti (C)hui (F)Khamoshiyan (Dm)

More About this Song: Khamoshiyan is one of the evergreen tracks created by the music industry. It is definitely one of the best romantic love songs composed by Bollywood. The music is intensely soothing and relaxing. With soft beats at the background, Jeet Gannguli has showed us his genius by synchronising the various exotic instruments to create this symphony. The lyrics are filled with the flavour of love. The romance of the love smitten boy is hidden not only in silence but also in nature all around him and every love struck couple can find themselves relating to this mesmerising melody. But what steals the show is the strong and powerful vocals of Arijit Singh. His classically enriched voice is sheer bliss to the ears. It is for him that we are compelled to come back to this song repeatedly and listen to it on loop. The melody is very addictive and catchy. The video of this song is quite a treat to the eyes. Khamoshiyan is a song that harmonises well with the romantic mood on a date with your lover serenading in your arms. And well if you want to demonstrate the depth of your love to your beloved then play this to her and see how she melts in your arms.


Khamoshiyan Full Video - Title Track|Arijit Singh|Ali Fazal, Sapna Pabbi, Gurmeet C

Song Credits

Song Title: Khamoshiyan Title Track
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Jeet Ganngul
Lyrics by Rashmi Singh
Release Date: January 30, 2015
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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