Easy: Love You Zindagi Chords with Strumming Pattern

Love you zindagi is an extremely heart-warming melody. Love you zindagi chords are simple and easy and can be played fluently by the beginners and amateurs as well. The guitar chords of this song have been played with a capo and they are D, Bm, A, Em, G. The capo position is in the 3rd fret. The melody has been played in the Eb/D# scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Love you zindagi follow the strumming pattern of DDD UUDDU or DD UDUD DDU.Love you zindagi guitar chords provided here are both accurate and verified. This melody from the movie Dear Zindagi is a chartbuster that has and will keep us captivated by its charm forever. Sung by the mellifluous Jasleen Kaur Royal, the melody has been composed by the versatile Amit Trivedi and has been penned down by the poetic Kausar Munir.

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Love You Zindagi Guitar Chords with Capo

Song Scale/Key: Eb/D#
Capo Position
: 3rd Fret
Chords Used: D, Bm, A, Em, G
Strumming Pattern: DDD UUDDU or DD UDUD DDU

Intro Music:
(C)Oh Oho Oho
(Am)Oh Oh Oho
(F)Oh Oho Oho
(C)Oh Oho Oho

Jo dil se la(C)ge (Am)
Usey ke(F)hdo hi hi hi (Am)
Jo d(C)il na lage (Am)
Usey (F)kehdo bye bye bye (Am)

Aane (C)do aane do
Dil me(F)in aa jaane do
Kehdo (Am/C)muskuraahat ko
Hi (G)hi hi hi

Jaane (C)do jaane do
Dilse (F)chale jaane do
Kehdo (Am/C)ghabraahat ko
Bye (G)bye bye bye bye bye

Love you zind(C)agi (G)
Love you zind(Am)agi (F)
Love you zind(C)agi (G)
Love me zind(Am)agi (F)

(C)Ohh Oho Oho
(G)Ohh Oh Oho
(Am)Ohh Oho Oho
(F)Ohh Oho Oho

(C)Kabhi haath pakadke (Am)tu mera
Chal (F)de chal (G)de
(C)Kabhi haath chudaake (Am)me tera
Chal (F)du chal (G)du

(C)Me thodi si moody hu
(F)Tu thodi si tedhi hai
(Am)Kya khoob yeh jodi hai
(G)Teri meri

Aane (C)do aane do
Dil me(F)in aa jaane do
Kehdo (Am/C)muskuraahat ko
Hi (G)hi hi hi

Jaane (C)do jaane do
Dil se (F)chale jaane do
Kehdo (Am/C)ghabrahat ko
Bye (G)bye bye bye bye bye

Love you zin(C)dagi (G)
Love you zin(Am)dagi (F)
Love you zin(C)dagi (G)
Love me zin(Am)dagi (F)

(C)Oh Ohho Oho
(G)Oh Ohh Oho
(Am)Oh Ohho Oho
(F)Oh Ohho Oho

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More About this Song: Love you zindagi is a soulful rendition filled with hope and positivity. We often feel blue, lost in thoughts and stressed about life. Not all our days are filled with sunshine and there are times when we are shrouded by dark rainy clouds of worries and troubles. This song acts as a balm here relieving us of tension and infusing a fresh ray of happiness and optimism in us. The lyrics are too conversational and inspirational. The track motivates us to keep faith and bid farewell to negativity and sadness. The song is a life lesson that teaches us to fight on with life and always be smiling and bubbly and believe in carpe diem.


Love You Zindagi Full Video - Dear Zindagi|Alia Bhatt|Shah Rukh Khan|Jasleen Royal|Amit T

Song Credits

Song Title: Luv You Zindagi
Movie/Film: Dear Zindagi
Singer/Artist: Jasleen Kaur Royal, Amit Trivedi
Music Composition: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics by Kausar Munir
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2016

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