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Aye Zindagi Guitar Chords | Presenting the latest song chords by Sonu Nigam Ji – Aye Zindagi. The lyrics of this melodious song are penned by Rashmi Virag and voiced by Sonu Nigam Ji, music has been composed by Vishal Mishra and he has also provided the additional vocals in the song. The guitar has been covered by Keba Jeremiah, and the piano has been played by Aditya Dev and Vishal Mishra. Also, the flute has been played by Naveen Kumar. This song is a 5 chord song, we’ve used Cm, G, D#, F, A#/Bb chords in song where Cm is the scale of the song. The strumming pattern for this song is D DU U DU or D (c) U U (c) U where D is Down Strum and U is Up Strum.

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Chords for Capo Version: [Chords: Am, C, G, D, E  & Capo Position: 3rd fret]

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D DU U DU or D (c) U U (c) U

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 50
Time signature
: 4/4
Song Scale
: Cm
Chords Used: Cm, G, D#, F, A#/Bb
Rhythm Pattern: D DU U DU or D (c) U U (c) U
Capo Version: [Chords: Am, C, G, D, E  & Capo Position: 3rd fret]

[Cm]Aye [G]zindagi
[Cm]Dheere se [G]chal

[Cm]Aye [G]zindagi
[Cm]Dheere se [G]chal
Khi [D#]hatho se na lamhaa [F]fisal jaye
Khi [D#]aisa na ho chu ke [F]guzar jaye
[D#]Khul ke tjhko [A#]galey laga lu [G]zara
[A#]Tham ja
[Cm]Aye [G]zindagi
[Cm]Dheere se [G]chal

Music– Cm, A#, G

[Cm]Taaro bhari[G] is raat mein[D#] chaand zaruri [A#]hain
[Cm]Tera mere [G]paas yaha [D#]hona zaruri [A#]hain

[G#]Tumhey apni [A#]aankho se[D#] me[G]
[G#]Choo oonga to [A#]chein [D#]ay[G]ega[G#]

Khi[D#] aisa na ho adha hi [F]reh jaye
Khwaab[D#] mera khi khali na [F]ghr jaye
[D#]Khul ke tjhko[A#] gale laga lu [G]zara
[A#]Tham jaa
[Cm]Aye [G]zindagi
[Cm]Dheere se [G]chal

Music– Cm, F, Cm, F, G, C

Barso se [C]me [G]tere pyaar [F]me
[A#m]Rota bhi hu, [Fm]hasta bhi [G]hu
[G]Kbhi kaash[F] kch [A#]aisa bhi ho
Tu bhi[D#] mere liye do[F] boond ro jaye
Teri[D#] baato me jo mera[F] jikar aye
[D#]Khul ke tujhko [A#]gale laga lu [G]zara
[A#]Tham ja
[Cm]Aye [G]zindagi
[Cm]Dheere se [G]chal

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Original Song Video

Aye Zindagi Official Video - Sonu Nigam | ft. Sidhant | Naushad Khan

Song Credits

Song Name: Aye Zindagi/ऐ जिंदगी
Singer Name: Sonu Nigam
Music Composed by
Vishal Mishra
: Rashmi Virag
Directed by Geet
Additional Vocals
: Vishal Mishra
: Keba Jeremiah
Flute Player
: Naveen Kumar
Piano Players
: Aditya Dev and Vishal Mishra
: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2018

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