Music Teacher – Guitar: Phir Wahi Raat Hai Chords with Strumming

Phir Wahi Raat Hai Guitar Chords | Today’s Bollywood hasn’t forgotten the Bollywood of the yesteryears. And the famous songs of the early era are being recreated and reprised beautifully to provide a tribute to those evergreen romantic melodies. Phir wahi raat hai from the film Music Teacher is a perfect example of this tribute. Recreated by Rochak Kohli, the melody has been voiced by the soothing Papon. The original song was sung by the unparalleled Kishore Kumar and penned by Gulzar.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Pattern: DU(chuck) UU(chuck)

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: B
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: B, E, Em, F#m, D#m/Ebm, C#m/Dbm, G#m/Abm
Rhythm Pattern: DU(chuck) UU(chuck)

Below intro can be played with the long down stroke
Phir[E] wahi raat[B] hai
Phir[F#m]wahi[E] raat hai khaab[B] ki

From here you can play the DU(c) UU(c) strumming pattern
Phir[E]wahi raat[B] hai
Phir[F#m]wahi[E] raat hai khwaab[B] ki
Ho[B]raat bhar khwaab[C#m] me
[G#m]Dekha karnge[E] tumhe
Fir[B] wahi raat[F#m] hai[E] [Em] [B]

[B]Masoom si neend[E]mein
[Em]Jb koi sapna[B] chaley
Ho[B] Hum ko bula lena[E]tum
[Em]Palko ke pardey[B] taley

Ho[B] yeh raat hai khwaab[G#m] ki
[D#m]Khwaab ki raat[E] hai
[B]Phir whi raat[F#m]hai [E][Em][B]

Phir[E]wahi raat[B] hai
Phir[F#m] wahi[E] raat hai khwaab[B] ki

[B]Kaanch ke khwaab[E] hai
[Em]Ankhon me choobh[B] jaynge
Ho[B] palkon me lena[E] inhein
[Em]Aankhon me rukk[B] jaaynge

Hoo[B] yeh raat hai khwaab[G#m] ki
[D#m]Khwaab ki raat[E] hai
[B]Fir wahi raat[F#m] hai [E][Em][B]

Phir[E]wahi raat[B] hai
Phir[F#m]whi[E] raat hai khwaab[B] ki
Fir[E]wahi raat[B]hai
Fir[F#m] wahi[E] raat hai khwaab[B] ki

Below outro can be played with the long down stroke as we have done in the intro
[E]Raat hai khwaab[B] ki
[E]Raat hai khwaab[B] ki

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Song Information: This classical romantic rendition relies solely on the guitars to give the background music and a very soft, mellow and serenading rhythm. Kohli has very creatively used the guitars to bring an unplugged and a classical feel. The chords are neither very difficult nor very easy. Since the melody relies only on the guitars the chords are very vital and the guitarist should have a bit of proficiency to pick the chords. However, mention must be made of the beauty of the chords as they alone impart that subtle serene and aesthetic feel to the song. The lyrics have been written by Gulzar and one cannot but expect deep meanings and metaphors hidden in them. This intensely romantic song expresses the love struck man’s feelings where he sees his beloved yet again on a night of dreams. The song is a gem. Originally sung by Kishore Kumar, it was quite a brave attempt on Papon’s part to sing this track since the perfection of Kishore Da’s voice in still unmatchable till date but Papon has done quite a commendable job here. His soothing and classically enriched vocals add a different charm to this recreated version. Papon has performed the song very emotionally and that is what makes us listen to this version again and again.

Song Credits

Song Title: Phir Wohi Raat Hai
Singer/Artist: Papon
Music Composition by Rochak Kohli
Movie/Album/Film: Music Teacher
Music Label: Saregama
Guitar Player: Mohit Dogra
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Original Credits
: Kishore Kumar
Music Composer: R.D.Burman
Lyrics by Gulzar

More About the Song: With romance oozing out of the lyrics, this track is very blissful and soulful. The song transports us into a different world when listened to in solitude and brings the memories of the beloved lover flooding to the mind. Though the chords are slightly intricate, it is one of the best songs that can be covered on the guitar.
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