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Sakhiyaan Guitar Chords | Babbu & Maninder Buttar has come up with a beautiful and melodious song, this song is based on the friendship the part that I personally liked the most is when he sings “Tere yaar bathere ne.. mera tu hi hai bas yaara”. The lyrics of this song has been written by Babbu & song is sung by Maninder Buttar and the music is also composed by him only, the female lead has the voice of Neha Malik and this song is released under the White Hill Music Label. This song is a 4 chord song while the majority of the song goes around two chords (A & Bm chord), the chords that we have used are A, Bm, D & E.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DD UUD D or DD DUDU D

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 80
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: A
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: A, Bm, D, E
Rhythm Pattern: DD UUD D or DD DUDU D

[A]Sakhiyaan ne mainu [Bm]maine mar diyaan
[A]Udiyaan ne channa-gallaan [Bm]pyaar diyaan
[A]Shaam nu tu kithe kihdey[Bm] naal hona ann
[A]Vekhhiyaan me photuaan[Bm] bekar diyan

Mainu [A]darr jehaa lgda aey
Dil [D]tut naa jaye [A]wichaara

Tere [A]yaar bathere [Bm]ne
Mera [A]tu he aye bs yaara [Two Times]

Music: [A] [Bm] [A] [Three Times]

[A]Jadon kalli bhni aaa
[E]Khaayal aye satondey ne
[Bm]Bahar jaake sunda aye
[A]Fone kihde aundey ne [Two Times]

[A]Kari na please aisi [Bm]gal kisse naal
[A]Aj kisse naal ne jo [Bm]kal kisse naal
[A]Tere naal hona aey [Bm]guzaara jatti da
[A]Mera nahiyo horr koyi [Bm]hal kisse naal

[A]Tu jeehde to roke
[D]Me km na rakhaa[A] dubaara

[A]Tere yaar [Bm]bathere ni
[A]Mera tu he aye bas yaara [Two Times]

Music: [A] [Bm] [A]

[A]Ehh na sochii tennu [E]muttyaara to ni rokkdi
[Bm]Theek aye na bs tere yaara to ni [A]rokkdi [Two Times]

[A]Kade mennu filmaan [Bm]dikha deya kr
[A]Kade-kade mainu vi [Bm]ghumaa leya kr
[A]Saal saal wichon je me [Bm]russaan ek bar
[A]Enna kitta ban da mana [Bm]liya kae

[A]Ikk passe tu Babbu
Ik [Bm]passe aye jagg [A]sara

[A]Tere yaar bathere[Bm] ne
[A]Mera tu he aye bs yaara [Four Times]

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Original Song Video

Song Credits

Song/Album: Sakhiyaan
Singer/Music Composer: Maninder Buttar
Lyrics: Babbu
Music by MixSingh
Female Lead: Neha Malik
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Punjabi
Country: India
Music Label: White Hill Music

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