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A fresh tune that is all mesmerising and enchanting is Tu mila to hain na from De De Pyar De. The melody is a very soulful rendition that has been composed by the creative genius Amaal Malik, written by the talented Kunaal Verma and sung by the one and only Arijit Singh. The song relies totally on the use of different kinds of guitars namely the acoustic guitars, the electric and the live bass guitars and uses other instruments like the live drums and the flutes. The song has a very groovy rhythm with a signature 4/4 beat and the tempo is quite fast. The melody has easy novice level guitar chords and their progression is quite harmonious. This pop song portrays the feelings of love and romance very beautifully.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DU UDU
Alternate Patterns: D (c)U U(c)U or DD UUD DDU or D DU D DU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Guitar Chords in Detail

Original Scale/Key: Gm
No. of Chords: 6
Capo: Required
Capo Position: 3rd Fret
Chords used with Capo: Em, C, D, G, A, Am
Rhythm Pattern: D DU UDU orD (c)U U(c)U or DD UUD DDU or D DU D DU
Chords Status: Verified by Team

Intro Music:
[Em] [C] [D] [G]
[Em] [C] [D]

[G]Maine khwaabo[Em]me tumhara
[A/C]Noor[D]dekha hai
[G]Dil ne bhi tum[Em]ko kahi to
Za[C]rur [D]dekha[G]hai
[Em]Me rozz tera[C]chehra sunhera
[G]Aankhon me leke jag[D]aa
[Em]Kya janta tha[C]tu bhi tha mera
[G]Abb jo mila toh lag[D]aa

[G]Der se he[Em]shi magar tu[C]mila
[D]Mila to hai na
[G]Dheere-dheere[Em]shi magar fas[C]la
[D]Mita to hai na

[G]Der se he[Em]shi magar tu[C]mila
[D]Mila to hai na
[G]Dheere-dheere[Em]shi mgr faas[C]la
[D]Mita to hai na

Music: G, Em, C, D

[G]Tujh se kisi bhi[Em]bahane
[C]Me roz milta[G]rahu
[Em]Khud ko bhi me jaan[C]lunga
[Am/C]Jo me tujhe jaan[D]lu

[Em]Tu jo dikhaye[C]dekhe niganhein
[G]Tu jo sunaye[D]sunoon
[Em]Saason ki hai[C]kise zarurat
[G]Tere bharose[D]jiyu

[G]Der se he[Em]shi magar tu[C]mila
[D]Mila to hai na
[G]Dheere-dheere[Em]shi magar fas[C]la
[D]Mita to hai na

[G]Der se he[Em]shi magar tu[C]mila
[D]Mila to hai na
[G]Dheere-dheere[Em]shi magar fas[C]la
[D]Mita to hai na

[G]oh oww[Em]
[C]ho oh[D] oo oh…

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Song Information: Tu mila toh hain na is a very jovial and bubbly number. Amaal Malik very artfully uses the different guitars to compose this serenading melody. The beats are indeed feet tapping and make one sway to the tune. The back vocals add to the charm of Arijit Singh’s intensely powerful and velvety vocals. Arijit Singh performs this song in a very gentle and smooth voice with some over tunes in the ending of the song. The lyrics are infused with love and amour and talk about how even if its late it is still better that the two lovebirds met each other. The immensely romantic lyrics are very relatable and that’s why they appeal to the masses. Kunaal Verma has really done a wonderful job in capturing the feelings of love and bliss in the poetic verses. The entire song is an addictive track and no one can listen to it just once.

Guitar Chords Video Lesson

Tu Mila To Haina |Arijit Singh| De De Pyaar De-Easy Guitar Chords Lesson/Tutorial/Tabs/Cover

Song Credits

Song Title: Tu Mila To Hai Na
Singer/Artist/Vocals: Arijit Singh
Film/Movie: De De Pyar De
Music Composition: Amaal Malik
Lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa
Starring: Ajay Devgn & Rakul Preet
Releasing Year: April 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: T-Series
Country: India

More About the Song: This song can be called the ‘Love song of the year’. This is because not only does it contain Arijit’s enigmatic performance, but also a very beautiful musical piece performed on the guitars and the drums with flutes in between. The song is enchanting from the very beginning aria that has been strummed on the guitar. The melody has a very refreshing and energetic feel and lights up the listener’s mood instantly. The romantic chemistry of the pretty Rakul Preet and the evergreen Ajay Devgn adds to the lovey-dovey sensation of the soundtrack. This song is a lot similar to the songs like Subha Subha, Sau Asmaan,Ik Vaari Aa etc. in its feels and rhythm, and that’s why this song will just be ideal for you on your prom night or the first couple dance. This tune has been made for a quick jig or a serenading ball dance with your lovely partner-for-life. And well, if you are planning to propose your crush or well, planning to gift a song to your better half for her birthday or your anniversary, then strum those mellifluous and simple chords on your guitar to make her blush and fall madly in love with you.
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