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Kaamyaab Guitar Chords | We all love a new genre romantic song with a touch of old classical music. Naino Ki Baat bus Naina Jaane Hai is one such song that came out in February 2016. This song is composed and sung by Altaaf Sayyed and Chandra Surya.
It is largely driven by the use of numerous musical instruments. The song starts with a piano tune eventually bringing in beats of tabla and also having the chords of even sitar.And then you have the soulful voice of Altaaf Sayyed. His classical vocals just show how well trained and well versed one could be.
This song definitely requires a lot of vocal wavelength and range as there are minute variations in small small parts. Moreover, the song also has a lyrics which demands connection with the listener. The tender words have a deep and awakening meaning. Basically talks about the the moment when a particular person becomes another person’s habit rather obsession out of love care and affection.

But the song is much more than just the lyrics. It has a very strong and intelligent use of musical instruments to keep in touch with both the new genre of music as well as the classical and traditional Sufi and Hindustani music influences. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this song is in fact a doughnut inspiration from Adnan Sami most popular tracks. They have a very notable and recognisable similarity. Even though Altaaf Sayyed voice is quite similar to him what’s really surprising is the ability of this song to connect with the upcoming music lovers.
Although these kind of song not quite the talk of the town this days, but then this is a good reminder as to how such songs are not just example of fusion music but also music in general.

We suggest you play DDDD as the strumming pattern with D, Bm, A, G, Em & C. The chords that we have used in the progression of this motivation song are D, Bm, A, G, Em & C (Making it a 6 chord song) where D is the song’s key

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Tu Kitna Kaamyaab Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: D
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: D, Bm, A, G, Em & C

(D)Tu kitnaa(Bm) Kaamyaab(A)
(D)Tu chadta(G) aahftab
(D)Tu note gin(Bm) janaab(A)
(D)Mera khoon tera(G)khwaab(D)

(A)Saare meri(Em) neendo(G) ka[Three Times]
Abb(A) tu he de(D) hisaab

(D)Tu kitna(G) kaamyaab(A)
(D)Tu chadhta (G)aaftaab


(C)Raato jaagke mehnat(G) ki
(C)Jo hota hai woh(D) hone do
(C)Teri mummy pyaarse (G) khti thi
(A)Bitwaako or sone(D) do

(C)Tution car me(G)jayga
(C)AC ghr me(D) khaayga
(C)Munna tu bs baal(G) bana
(A)Yeh tujhse na ho(D) paayga

(D)Tu ankhon ka(Bm) chirag(A)
(D)Tu hai daaffi(G) nawab

(D)Saare meri(Em) neendo(G) ka
(A)Ab tu he de(D) hisaab

(D)Tu kitna(Bm) Kaamyaab(A)
(D)Tu chadhta(G) aftab

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Original Song Video

WHY CHEAT INDIA: Kaamyaab Video | Emraan Hashmi Shreya D | Mohan | Kannan | Agnee

Song Credits

Song Name: Kaamyaab/ Kamyaab
Music Composition: Agnee
Movie: Why Cheat India
: Juhi Saklani
Singer/Artist: Mohan Kannan
Guitars: Koco
Music Label: T-series
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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