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Gum Hoon Guitar Chords | This song has been released yesterday, Yasser Desai has sung this song very nicely and lyrics are also well written, written by Salamat Ali Siddique & Siddharth Saxena. This song belongs to the Bhaagte Raho movie and has been released under the music label of Zee Music Company and is composed by Hyperbol. We have used 4 chords to play the song out of which one chord is sharp, one is minor, name of those 4 chords are F, Bb, C & D. The other name of Bb chord is A# so don’t get confused between these two names.

Bhaagte Raho Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: F
Chords Used: F, C, Bb/A#, Dm
Rhythm Pattern: D D  UUDD

Intro Music:

(F) (A#) (C) (F)
(A#) (C) (F)

Gum (F)hoon
Teri (A#)yaado me (C)khi gum (F)hoon
Me (A#)kyu abhi (C)bhi chupp (F)hu
Kaise (A#)bin kahe bta(C)aun gum (F)hoon

Gum (F)hoon
Teri (A#)yaado me (C)khi gum (F)hu
Me (A#)kyu abhi (C)bhi chup (F)hoon
Kese (A#)bin kahe bat(C)aun

Iss (Dm)dil ka kyaa ka(A#)ru
Teri (C)yaadon me ji (Dm)lu
Teri (C)yaadon me ji (A#)lu

(A#)Jb se mila hu (C)tjhse
Ho (A#)gya hu door (C)khudse
Ashi(Dm)yaana ho (F)tujh me he
(A#)Kayi hai (C)dua

Kb (A#)se hua hu tum(C)haara
AbA#)se he maangu (C)sahaara
Yeh (Dm)sath tera na (F)chuttey (A#)khi
Hai (C)dua

Gum (F)hoon
Teri (A#)yaado me (C)khi gum (F)hu
Me (A#)kyu abhi (C)bhi chup (F)hu
Kaise (A#)bin kahe bata(C)aun

Saa(A#)nso me kuch to (C)naya hai
Na (A#)jaane kya darmiy(C)aan hai
(Dm)Apna le tu (F)mujhko  hai (A#)meri il(C)lteja

Ehs(A#)haas jo ab (C)hua hai
Jese ki (A#)sb kuch (C)naya hai
(Dm)Ahfsana hal-ae-(F)dil ka (A#)kaise
Ho (C)bayan

Gum (F)hoon
Teri (A#)yaadon me (C)khi gum (F)hu
Me (A#)kyu abhi (C)bhi chupp (F)hu
Kaise (A#)bin kahe bata(C)aun gum (F)hu

Gum (F)hoon
Teri (A#)yaadon me (C)kahi gum (F)hun
Me (A#)kyu abhi (C)bhi chup (F)hu
Kaise (A#)bin kahe bata(C)aun

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Original Song Video

Gum Hoon | Bhaagte Raho | Yasser Desai | Abhay Raichand & Riya Deepsi | Releasing on 14th Dec 2018

Song Credits

Song Name: Gum Hoon
Film/Movie: Bhaagte Raho
Singer/Artist: Yasser Desai
Music Composition: Hyperbol
Lyricist: Salamat Ali Siddique & Siddharth Saxena
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2018
Music Label: Zee Music Company

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