Aur Kuch Baki Chords by Yasser Desai

So while you were travelling in the bus, you saw a beautiful lady who enchanted you and you instantly fell in love at first sight. You don’t know whether you’ll ever meet her again or not but have this amazing feeling and instant connection. We often fall in love at first sight with different hopes but sometimes we feel helpless at our inability to express the feelings. Well Yasser Desai’s single – Aur Kuch Baki Hai exactly is the song that you will relate too. The song was composed by the talented Harshit Saxena and was penned by Dev Narayan.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Pattern: D D DUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: F
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: F, Gm, Bb/A#, Dm, C, & Am
Rhythm Pattern: D D DUD

(F)Lahfzon Se Kuch Na Bataana
Ankhiyo Me Muskuraana

Laf(C)zo Se Kuch Na Bat(F)aana
Ankhiyo Me Muskuraana

Ho(A#) Gya Rey Tujhse (F)Pyaar
Dil(A#) Gya Me Tujh pe(F)Haar
Ho(A#) Gya Rey Tujhse (F)Pyaar
Dil(A#) Gya Me Tujh pe(F)Haar

Oh(Dm)Piya Oh.. (Am)Piyaa aa(Gm)aa
Aur Kuch (C) Baki Ho To(F)Bolo
Oh(A#)Piya aa(Gm)
Aur Kuch (C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo
Oo(A#)Piya aa(Gm)
Aur Kuch (C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo

(F)Naino Ke Kinaare-Kinaare
(Dm)Chaahato Ke Dhaare-Dhaare
(F)Aakr Basa Rey Meri (A#)Dhadkano

(F)Nindiyaan Ki Chori Bhi Ki
(Dm)Or Seena Jori Bhi Ki
(Am)Shaamill Hua Re Kese
(A#)Dushmano Me(C)Tu

Mee(A#)thi Meethi Tak(F)raar
Fir(A#)Bhi Hai Intez(F)aar
Mee(A#)thi Meethi Tak(F)raar
Fir(A#)Bhi Hai Intez(F)aar

Oh(Dm)Piya Oh(Am)Piya aa(Gm)aa
Aur Kuch (C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo
Oh(A#)Piya aa(Gm)
Aur Kuch (C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo
Oh(A#)Piya aa(Gm)
Aur Kuch (C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo

(F)Rooth na Manaana Tera
(Dm)Pyr Ka Khajaana Mera
(F)Satrangi Khwaabo Ki Hai
(A#)Tu Meri Daas(C)tan

(F)Meri Nazar Me Tu He
(Dm)Shaamo Seher Me Tu He
(F)Hai Rey Mohabbat Tujh se
(A#)Be Inteh(C)aan

Meri(A#)Dhadkan Ka Hr (F)Taar
Bo(A#)ley Tujh se Hai (F)Pyaar
Meri (A#)Dhadkan Ka Har (F)Taar
Bo(A#)le Tujh se Hai (F)Pyar

Oh(Dm)Piya Oh(Am)Piya aa(Gm)aa
Aur Kuch(C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo
Oh(A#)Piya aa(Gm)
Aur Kuch(C) Baki Ho To(F)Bolo
Oh(A#)Piya aa(Gm)
Aur Kuch(C)Baaki Ho To(F)Bolo

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Original Song Video

Aur Kuch Baki | Vin Rana & Tridha Choudhury | Harshit Saxena,Dev| Zee Music Originals

Song Information: The song is a romantic blissful melody with soothing beats and a groovy rhythm. The instruments that have been used are – flutes, guitars, the ukulele and the resonant guitars. The track relies heavily on the use of guitars so the chords are a bit intricate. A little bit of effort and proficiency is required for the guitarist to master these mellifluous and harmonious chords. The music is very relaxing and the song is like a breath of fresh air. With the guitar chords and Desai’s dulcet voice the song is like raindrops on the parched soil. Desai sings the song very beautifully and with a smooth tonal quality, he imparts sweetness to the melody. The song is a smooth flow with no troughs and crests. Narayan has very subtly and poetically penned down the lyrics and artfully has captured that romantic feeling turning it into a beautiful melody. The love at first sight and the mesmerizing feeling that a guy gets when he is charmed by a girl has been portrayed in this number very splendidly. The entire team has done a commendable job in creating this charming song.

Song Credits

Song Title: Aur Kuch Baki
Music Composer: Harshit Saxena
Singer/Artist: Yasser Desai
Lyrics by Dev Narayan
Flute Player: Ashwin Srinivasan
Guitar/Ukulele Player: Ankur Mukherjee
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Language: Hindi (Non-Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2019

More About the Song: The song is filled with the tinge and hue of love and romance. The tune is very refreshing and pleasant and forces us to listen to it repeatedly. So if you meet someone and want to confess your feelings, or if you have been enamored to someone whom you do not know whether you will meet again or not, well play this song to her and it will surely make her smile and blush.
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