EASY: Tum Hi Ho Guitar Chords with Capo, Strumming & Lead

There are certain melodies which enchant us at once when we listen to them for the very first time. We are sharing the chords of Tum hi ho from Aashiqui 2 because it is that song. An evergreen romantic chart buster it has been sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh, composed by the creative genius Mithoon Sharma and penned by him only for this romantic serenading ballad. The melody is a very soulful rendition with a soothing moderately paced tempo and a signature beat. The song is a wonderful symphony created from the euphonious piano, the guitar and the strings. The chords on the guitar are of the novice level which the beginners can learn effortlessly. The progression of the chords is slow and harmonious. From the romantic genre, this song is bewitching by all means and instantaneously will transport you into a world of love and passion.

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Intro Music Tabs (Can be played with/without Capo)


Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern:DD UDUDD or D D UUD DU
Alternate Patterns: DU (c) DU (c) or D UD D(c)

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Guitar Chords in Detail

Chords Status: Verified by Team
Song Scale/key: Fm
Capo: Required
Capo Position: 1st fret
Chords with Capo: Em, Am, D, Bm, C
Difficulty: Easy (with Capo)

[Em]Hum tere bin
Ab[Am]rh nahi skte
[D]Tere bina kya[Bm/Em]wajood [C/Em/Optional] mera

[Em]Hum tere bin
Abb[Am]rh nhi sakte
[D]Tere bina kya[Bm/Em]wajood [C/Em/Optional] mera

[Em]Tujhse juda agr
[Am]Ho jaayenge to
[D]Khudse he ho [Bm/Em]jaayenge [C/Em/Optional] judaa

Kyun ki[Em]tum hi ho
Ab[Am]tum hi ho
[D]Zindagi ab[Bm/Em]tum hi [C/Optional] ho
[Em]Chain bhi
Mera[Am]dard bhi
Meri[D]aashiqui abb[Bm/Em]tum hi [C/Em/Optional] ho

[Em] [Bm] [Am] [Em]
[Em] [Bm] [Am] [Em]

[Em]Tera mera
[Am]Rishta hai kesa
[D]Ek pal durr [Bm/Em]gawaara [C/Em/Optional] nahi

[Em]Tere liye her
[Am]Rozz hai jeete
[D]Tujhko diya mera[Bm/Em]wakt [C/Em/Optional] sbhi

Koi [D]lamhaa mera na ho[G] tere bina
Har [B]saas pe nam [C] tera [D]

Kyunki[Em]tum hi ho
Ab[Am]tum hi ho
[D]Jindagi ab[Bm/Em]tum hi[C/Em/Optional] ho
[Em]Chain bhi
Mera[Am]dard bhi
Meri[D]aashiqui ab[Bm/Em]tum hi [C/Optional] ho

[Em] [Bm/Em] [Am] [Em]

Tum hi[C]ho…[Bm] [C]
[Em]Tum hi [C]ho oh[D] [Em]

Tere [C]liye he[Bm]jia me
Khudko jo[C]yu de [Bm]dia hai
Teri [Am]waffa ne mujh ko[Em] sambhaala
Sare [Am]gammon ko dilse [Em]nikaala

Tere [D]sath mera hai[G]naseeeb jooda
Tujhe[B]paake adhoora na[C]rha…[D]

Kyun ki[Em]tum hi ho
Ab[Am]tum hi ho
[D]Zindagi ab[Bm/Em]tum hi [C/Em/Optional] ho
[Em]Chain bhi
Mera [Am] dard bhi
Meri [D] aashiqui ab[Bm/Em]tum hi [C/Em/Optional] ho [2x Times]

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Song Information: This song is beyond praise and perfection. From the beginning introductory aria played on the piano, the song starts creating a very blissful and refreshing mood. The tune is indeed dulcet and mellow. Whenever the piano is played, a romantic and amorous sensation is always found there and this is created here as well. And the sweet music from the strings adds to the lovey-dovey feel of this soundtrack. The lyrics of this song is very heart warming and relatable. It very beautifully portrays the emotions we harbor towards us beloved and our heartfelt feelings towards our better half. How the beloved means the entire world to the love struck man has been presented marvelously in this enticing ballad. Arijit Singh as usual weaves magic with his deep and velvety smooth vocals and his romantic and melodious crooning is very pleasant to the ears. His bewitching voice indeed hypnotises the audience to come back to this track again and again.

Guitar Tutorial (Video Lesson)

Tum hi ho | Arijit Singh | Full Song Guitar Lesson | With Heartbeat strummimg | Chords + Intro

Song Credits

Song Title: Tum Hi Ho
Movie/Film: Aashiqui 2
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Mithoon
Releasing Year: Feb 2013
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Genre: Romantic
Music Label: T-Series

More About the Song: Tum hi ho is rightfully the romantic song of the decade. Released years back, this song continues to the rule our hearts and mesmerize us. This song will never age and will forever remain evergreen. Filmed on the amazing and sizzling duo – Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor, their intensely romantic chemistry is a treat for the eyes. The melody has a lot of versions that have been added to the film. Apart from that, it is a track with the most number of covers made on the guitars and the piano. What makes the soundtrack so wonderful and endearing is that slow groovy rhythm that makes one sway to the tune. The music on the piano is indeed heart touching and the guitar chords strike the inner chords of our hearts. Tum hi ho is a perfect song for a long drive, a romantic candle light dinner, or just a simple date with you and your lover serenading in each other’s arms. And well if you are planning to surprise her on her birthday or anniversary: or just want to confess your love and propose to your crush in front of everyone, then strum these guitar chords and see how she blushes and goes all gaga over you.
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