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Love is a commitment. It is like a full time job where you have to give your 100% and fulfil all the vows you make to your beloved. Aaj se teri by Arijit Singh from the film Padman, is that song that enlists all those promises and sums it up for us. Composed by Amit Trivedi, the words have been penned by Kausar Munir. This song is a soulful rendition and has a very bubbly marriage sensation. Amit Trivedi very beautifully synchronises the shehnai, the mandolin, the saz, the bouzuki, dholak and other percussions and the guitar to give this song that Indian wedding feel. The song has simple guitar chords that can be picked by the amateurs easily. The progression of the chords is subtle and harmonious. The rhythm is a bit fast with signature 4/4 beats making the melody groovy and serenading.

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Intro Tabs for Aaj Se Teri Sari Galiyan Meri Ho Gayi

E| ——————————5-5———–
B| ——5-5-5————————8-7—
(Play Thrice)

B| ——5-5-7-5——————————
G| —————————————7-7-7—

E| ——————————5-5———–
B| ——5-5-5————————8-7—
(Play Thrice)


Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DDUU DU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Aaj Se Teri Guitar Chords

Chords Status: Verified by Team
Song Scale/Key: Em
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: Em, G, A & D
Rhythm Pattern: DDUU DU

Intro Music:
[Em] [G] [A] [G] [Em]
[Em] [G] [A] [G] [Em]

First Verse Starts Here
[Em]Aaj se[G]teri saari[D]galiyan meri ho[G]gayi[A]
[Em]Aaj se[G]mera ghar[D]tera ho[A]gaya

Music: [Em] [G] [A] [G] [Em]

[Em]Aaj se[G]teri saari[D]galliyan meri ho[G]gyi[A]
[Em]Aaj se[G]mera ghar[D]tera ho[A]gya

[Em]Aaj se[G]meri saari[D]khushi yaan[G]teri ho ga[A]yi
[Em]Aaj se[G]tera gam[D]mera ho ga[A]ya

First Chorus Starts Here
Oh tere[Em]kaandhey ka jo till[G]hai
Oh tere[D]seene me jo dil[A]hai
Oh teri[Em]bijlli ka jo bill[G]hai
Aj se[D]mera ho ga[A]ya

Oh mere khwaa[Em]bo ka am[G]bar
Oh meri khush[D]iyo ka saman[A]dar
Oh mere pinco[Em]de ka num[G]ber
Aaj se te[D]ra ho[A]gya

[Em] [G] [A] [G] [Em]
[Em] [G] [A] [G] [Em]

Second Verse Starts Here
Tere maa[Em]the ke kum-kum ko
[Em]Me tilak lagaake ghumunga
Teri[A]bali ki chun-chunko
Me dilse[D]lagaake jhu[Em]moonga

Meri [Em]choti si bhullon
Ko tu[Em]nadiyaan me baha dena
Tere[A]joodey ke foolon ko
Me apni[D]shirt me peha[Em]nunga

Bs mere[G] lie tu maalpuve
Kbhi[A]kbhi bna dena

[Em]Aaj se[G]meri sari[D]sadiyaan teri [G]ho ga[A]yi
[Em]Aaj se[G]tera pal[D]mera ho gya[A]

Second Chorus Starts Here
Oo tere[Em]kaandhey ka jo til[G]hai
Oo tere [D]seene me jo dil[A]hai
Oo teri [Em]bijlli ka jo bill[G]hai
Aj se[D]mera ho gy[A]a

O mere khwaa[Em]bon ka amb[G]er
O meri khushiy[D]on ka sama[A]ndar
O mere Pinco[Em]de ka num[G]ber
Aj se[D]tera ho[A]gaya

Music: [Em] [G] [A] [G] [Em] [Four Times]

Third Verse Starts Here
Tu maangey[Em] srdi me ambiyaan
[Em]Jo maange garmi me moongfaliyaan
Tu baarish[A]me agr khde
Ja mere[D]liye tu dhoonp khi[Em]laa

[Em]To me suraj
[Em]To me suraj ko jhatakk dunga
[Em]To me sawan ko gatak lunga
To sare[A]taaron sang chanda
Me teri[D]gaud main rkh dunga[Em]

Bs[G]mere liye tu
Khil ke kbhi musk[A]uraa dena

[Em]Aj se[G]meri sari[D]khushiyaan [G]teri ho g[A]yi
[Em]Aj se[G]tera gham[D]mera ho ga[A]ya

Last Chorus Starts Here
Oh tere[Em]kaandhey kaa jo till[G]hai
Oh tere[D]seene me jo dil[A]hai
Oh teri[Em]bijjli ka jo bill[G]hai
Aaj se[D]mera ho g[A]ya

Oh mere khwaa[Em]bon ka amb[G]ar
Oh meri khush[D]iyo ka saman[A]dar
Oh mere pinco[Em]de ka num[G]ber
Aaj se te[D]ra ho[A]gaya…

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Song Information: This soundtrack starts with a very euphonious piece played on the shehnai that instantly gives the wedding vibes. The percussions used here give those heavy beats to this song. Though the song has used many exotic classical instruments beautifully, it yet has a very romantic touch in it because of the amorous lyrics. Munir has done a commendable job by crafting into words all those vows we take around the fire, or during the tying of the knot. The duties that a husband takes upon him when he performs the wedding rituals have been poetically framed into a soothing soundtrack. Arijit Singh as usual makes us spell bound with his deep and sombre vocals. His velvety smooth voice is very pleasant to the ears, and the feet tapping beats, the swaying rhythm and the harmonious vocals make it a very addictive number and the hearer has to come back to it again and again.

Guitar Video Lesson (Tutorial)

Aaj Se Teri - Arijit Singh - Padman - Hindi Guitar Cover Lesson Chords Easy Version

Song Credits

Song Title: Aaj Se Teri
Singer/Artist/Vocals: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Amit Trivedi
Movie/Album: PADMAN
Lyrics by Kausar Munir
Dholak Player: Sanket Naik
Percussions by Sanket Naik
Saz, Mandolin & Bouzouki Player: Tapas Roy
Shehnai Player: Omkar Dhumal
Releasing Year: 2017
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Music Label: Zee Music Company

More About the Song: Aaj se teri is a very lovely song but the romance here is a bit different. The song doesn’t talk about love or celebrate it, but it speaks about all the promises and actions that a lover is supposed to fulfil. Action speaks louder than words and this soundtrack clearly illustrates this statement. Shot in the rural locales and filmed on the stunning Radhika Apte and the daring Akshay Kumar, the song is very sweet and the video is pleasant and enjoyable. The movie Padman is a brilliant eye opening film with a powerful theme, and Aaj se teri acts a wonderful message by being a part of it. The song runs for about 5 minutes 12 seconds but in that time frame it makes all the listeners fall in love with this tune. The melody is blissful and refreshing as a new feeling of romance and responsibility has been celebrated in this evergreen romantic chartbuster. So well if you are planning to get hitched and want to perform a lovely dance with your amazing better half, this song is just the one that you have been looking for. And if you want to take that extra step, strum the chords on your guitar on your Sagai, and see how she blushes for you.
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