Dosti Guitar Chords with Strumming from Junglee

Friendship is the best thing that can happen to you. Your lover may leave but your friend is the one who will stay with you and by you. A friend is the person who will be happy in your happiness, sad when you are in tears and destroy everyone who causes pain to you. From bunking classes to go on a movie to cover up for you when you are in trouble at home, friends are angels sent by God to us and to celebrate friendship Bollywood has given us many evergreen chartbusters. Among them features this amazingly emotional melody- Dosti from the film Junglee. Sung by Mohan Kannan, the track was composed by Sameer Uddin and penned by Kumar Suryavanshi.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Pattern: D UUD UUD (Tempo is high)

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: D
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: D, G, A, Bm, & Em
Rhythm Pattern: D UUD UUD (Tempo is high)
Tuning: Standard

Oh(D) Yaara Apni Yaari
(G)Barson Ki Hai Pari
(D)Fir Bhi Sb Lage
Nayaa(G) Nayaa

Oh(D) Yaara Apni Yaari
(G)Bachpan Ki Hisse daari
Chal(D) Naape Yaado Ka
Zarra(G) Zara

(Bm)Kandhey Pe Rakhke Basta
(G)Khoorafati Ka Lie Raasta
(A)Shehjaadon Ki Nikli Hai(G) Sawaari

(D)Chodd Ke Bhi Chutaa Nhi
(G)Tujh se Bada Jhootha Nhi
Fir Bhi(Bm) Teri Kasam Khaate(A) Hai

(G)Tu Kahe To Sb(D) Shi
(G)Tu Kahe To Sb(D) Galatt
(Bm)Be fikar Hum(A) phire(Em) Sarphire

Here you can try playing all down trokes with high tempo
Yaad Aa(D)yegi Teri(Em) Dosti
Yaad Aa(D)yegi Teri(Em) Dosti
Yaad Aa(D)yegi Teri(Em) Dosti
Teri(D) Dosti… Teri(A) Dosti

(Bm)Udey Jo Tu To Me(G) Pichhey(D) Udu
(Bm)Gire Jo Tu To Me(G) Neeche(D) Giru
(Em)Waqt Ki Dhooll(G) Mein kho Gye
Bin(Em) Mrzi hum(G) Alg Ho Gaye
Chall(Em) Mil Jaye
(G)Hawaaon Me Gubbaaro Ki(A) Taraah

O(D)yaara apni yaari
kachhey(G) aamo ki pitaari
(D)Chakhhtey the rozz hum

O(D)Yaara Apni Yari
(G)Bachpan Ki Hissey daari
Chal(D) Naape Yaado Ka
Zarra(G) Zara

(G)Dooriyaan Kuch Bhi(D) Rahein
(G)Pass Hai Tu Bin(D) Kahe
(Bm)Aadatein Abb(A) Teri Na(Em) Jaygi

Yaad Aa(D)yegi Teri(Em)Dosti
Yaad Aa(D)yegi Teri(Em)Dosti
Yaad Aa(D)yegi Teri(Em)Dosti

Teri(D) Dosti… Teri(A) Dosti

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Song Information: Sameer Uddin has very masterfully synchronised the bass, the electric and acoustic guitars, the flutes, the drums and the piano. The two different guitars used in this song indeed give a very dulcet effect and the chords are not too difficult for the beginners to play them. The song is a happy tune with moderate rhythm and a vibrant feel. With little crests and troughs in the rhythm the melody takes us on a happy ride with some mildly groovy beats. The lyrics are very sweet as they talk about friendship and how invaluable a friend is. A friend is the one who adds colour to our lives and without a friend we cannot do anything. This feeling has been subtly crafted into words by Kumar Suryavanshi. The singer Mohan Kannan has done a marvelous job here. He with his high pitched classically enriched powerful vocals transforms this song into a very melodious composition and gets us addicted to it. The melody is very catchy and also makes us serenade and sway to it. The instruments, the lyrics, the singer all have done a commendable job in making this number evergreen.

Song Credits

Song Title: Dosti
Singer/Artist: Mohan Kannan
Movie/Album/Film: Junglee
Bass Player: Vivian D’souza
Flute Player: Ashwin Srinivasan
Guitars by Ankur Mukherjee
Piano Player: Natasha Pinto
Drums Player: Abhishek Arora
Music Composition: Sameer Uddin
Lyrics by Kumar Suryavanshi
Music Label: T-Series
Song Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India

More About the Song: This song has a very soulful and pleasant vibe. And it is really an ideal song that you guitarists out there can cover and perform either for fresher’s or farewell programs, or around a bonfire amidst your gang appreciating them for being the most beautiful part of your life.
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