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Piya Re Guitar Chords by Strings | This is one song you should sing for your girlfriend and see her be swept off her feet. Piya re is such a sweet song. There is no way you end up not liking it. The Strings have put all the feels in the right place. Every word makes you smile from ear to ear, and I am not even exaggerating.

The song captures the essence of new love. This is the time when everything is a fairy tale and every moment away from your lover is twice as hard. You wish for solitude and to have just one company, that of your lover. We all have been there. If you haven’t, I wish for that for you.
The music is blissful and compliments the lyrics right in place. The vocals are apt and melt into your ears as you listen to the song. With the right portion of it all, Piya re catches the vibe very well.

The Strings make you happy and ecstatic with this one. The feeling of falling in love and delving into it completely is what it talks about. As the chorus says, ‘Ishq ka piyala piya’. There is no coming back after having tasted the forbidden fruit of love. No human could.
Being madly in love with someone is a beautiful feeling. This song enraptures that feeling makes you feel like the king of the world. You are sure to fall in love with this song. What’s more? You could further use this make someone fall in love with you.

Connecting hearts, this song is great. It talks about love and gives words to this inexplicable pleasure. With the right lyrics and music, it also transports you to a world of your dreams. That’s the most beautiful place to be in. Reminding your lover of the fact that you love them to the moon and back, the song does the job of a cupid.

Not a lot of love songs reach your heart. This one does. Play this to your lover on a romantic date night and see how the love doubles in minutes.

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Piya Re Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: F
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: F, Dm, C, A#/Bb, Gm, Eb/D#

Intro Music: F, C, Dm, Bb/A#, F

[F]Phir yu[C] hua sahaara bn[Dm] gya [A#]mm..
[F]Me moj[C] woh kinaara bn[Dm] gya [A#] oh… um
[F]Raate sooni-sooni
[Dm]Baate thien adhuri[F] kyu
[F]Badlaa yeh nazaara
[Dm]Tujhiko pukaara[F] yu…

[F]Piya re piya… piya rey
[F]piya rey piya..

[F]Piya piya rey
[F]Piya rey pia…

Ishaq ke[Dm] pyaala pia
[C]Jia re[F]y jia
kaise re[D#]y jiya[A#]aa [Oh piya rey] [Two Times]

F, C, Dm, Gm
F, C, D#, F

[F]Ho.. Accha lgta hai
[D#]Hotey ho jo tum mere[F] saath

[F]Yuhi miltey rhna
[A#]Agr ho yeh
To kya he ho[F]baat

[C]Me hu[A#] tum ho[C] or humko
Kesa[A#] nazaara mill[F] gya

[F]Piya re piya… piya rey
[F]piya rey piya..

[F]Piya piya rey
[F]Piya rey pia…
Ishaq ke[Dm] pyaala pia
[C]Jia re[F]y jia
kaise re[D#]y jiya[A#]aa [Oh piya rey] [Two Times]

[F]Asmaan o se bhi
[D#]Humko ishaara mill[F] gya
[F]Raasta dhundhtey the
[D#]Durr ekk tara (Star) mill[F] gya

[C]Me hoon[A#] tumho[C] or humko
Kesa[A#] nazaara mil[F]l gya

[F]Piya re piya… piya rey
[F]piya rey piya..

[F]Piya-pia rey
[F]Piya rey piya
Ishq ke[Dm] pyaala piya
[C]Jiyaa rey[F] jiya
kaise rey[D#] jiya[A#]ah.. [Oh piya rey] [Two Times]

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Original Song Video

Piya Re By Strings #CornettoPopRock3

Song Credits

Song Title: Piya Re
Singer/Artist: Strings Band for Cornetto
Releasing Year: 2018
Band: Strings (Pakistan)
Language: Hindi/Urdu
: Pakistan

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