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Aaya Na Tu Chords | Guitar: Presenting the guitar chords of latest song by Arjun Kanungo & Momina Mustehsan, Aaya na Tu, a love ballad mixed with melancholy and hope. This song is based on the emotions of being left behind, it addresses pain, rejection, and burden of true love. The lyrics are beautifully penned by Kunaal Vermaa and song is sung by Arjun Kanungo, and Momina Mustehsan, while Bhushan Chitnis has worked on the Guitars and Sasmit Rudra, has worked on Piano part for this song. The scale of this song is in Bm. We’ve used total 5 Chords to play this song on Guitar – Bm, A, Em, D, & G Chord. If we talk about the difficulty of this song then we believe this song can be easily played by the Beginners as well. Also, you don’t need the Guitar Capo to play this song. Below we’ve shared the chords in detail for Aya Na Tu by Momina Mustehsan and, please let us know if you find any problem in playing this song.

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Aaya Na Tu Chords | Guitar

Guitar Chords: Bm, A, Em, D, & G Chord

Intro – (Bm) (A) (Em) (Bm)

(Bm)Tum kabhi na ka(D)hoge
Kyun na hum(A) hi yeh bol de(Bm)
(Bm)Ho kahaan yeh ba(D)tao
Hum wa(A)haan chal ke aa jay(Bm)enge

Bheege bheege (D)mausam khile the ja(Bm)haan
Tere mere (Bm)raste mile the ja(Em)haan
(Bm)Baahon mein teri din dhale the ja(Em)haan
Aa gaya (Bm)main (A)ho(Em)

Magar (Em)aaya na tu
(Am)Aaaya na tu,
(Em)aaya na (A)tu x (2)

Baithe baithe (Bm)sochun kabhi main (Em)tujhe
Aankhon ko (D)meri tu kahin na (Em)dikhe
Aise mein (G)main aawaz (D)doon to (Em)kise
Hoon yahin (D)main (A)ho(Em)..

Magar (Em)aaya na tu
(Am)Aaaya na tu,
(Em)aaya na (A)tu x (2)


Socha tha (Bm)agar main miloongi (A)tujhe
Mere dil ki (D)baatein ka(Bm)hoongi (Em)tujhe
Shayad tu (Bm)badi door hai jaa (A)chuka
Main akeli reh(D) gayi(Em)
Na Jaane tu (A)kahaan kho (Bm)gaya

Jaate-jaate (Bm)tu mud ke phir dekh (Em)le
Dil kehta hai (D)phir ik dafa dhoondh le(Em)
Aayegi kabhi (Bm)woh yahin laut ke(Em)
Hoon yahin (D)main (A)wo(Em)

Magar (Em)aaya na tu
(Am)Aaaya na tu,
(Em)aaya na (A)tu x (4)

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Aaya Na Tu Song Video

Arjun Kanungo, Momina Mustehsan - Aaya Na Tu

Song Credits

Song: Aaya Na Tu
Composer: Arjun Kanungo
Lyricist: Kunaal Vermaa
Singers: Arjun Kanungo, Momina Mustehsan
Producer: Arjun Kanungo
Additional Programming/Production: Rajat Nagpal
Guitars: Bhushan Chitnis
Piano: Sasmit Rudra

Here we got you another latest song chords by Momina Mustehsan & Arjun Kanungo – Aaya na tu by Arjun Kanungo and Momina Mustehsan, hope you like the Aaya Na Tu Notes.

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