25+ Top Navratri ke Bhajan in Hindi | Jai Mata Di | 2021

Navratri is the time where the entire country comes together and celebrates a festival filled with devotion, dedication and enjoyment. It may be a Hindu festival but Navratri invites everyone to embrace its sacredness and seek Ma Ambe’s blessings and indulge in an occasion of fun and frolic. Navratri is akin to Durga puja celebrated in Bengal. In Navratri we worship different forms of Devi Durga like Maa Sherawali, Maa Gauri and Maa Ambe. This is a 10 days festival and usually is celebrated in the autumn season.

In Gujarat, Navratri is celebrated with Dandiya and Garba and the DJs host Dandiya nights where people dance to their heart’s content. In such a joyous and auspicious event, to hail and ask Maa Durga to come and grace us with Her presence, music plays a very important role. So here is a list of Bhajans for Navratri curated specially for you.

The top Bhajans for Navratri are compiled into this enchanting list

The holy songs are-

1. Bhor Bhai Din Chadh Gaya sung by the talented Hariharan. This track ceremoniously asks the Goddess to come amidst us and shower us with Her blessings.

2. Jagdaati Pahadonwali Maa by Sonu Nigam is a very beautiful Bhajan without which this list will remain incomplete. This melody glorifies the strength of Devi Durga and pays homage to Her.

3. Teri Nis Din Jyot Jalaun Nauratein Aaye Maa by Kavita Paudwal is an enchanting bhajan that is a message to the Goddess about how we are going to worship and serve Her. It is a song that shows the devotion of her devotees.

4. Jai Mata Di (Dhuni Maa Ke Naam Ki) by Lakhbir Singh Lakkha hails Dhuni Maa and is a prayer to Her and worships all Her forms and powers.

5. Navratron Ke Din Aaye Hain by Narendra Chanchal is a perfect bhajan and this prayer song is about all the things we wish for from Her and how we exalt Her holy name and are deeply committed towards Ger.

6. Jai Jai Jagdambey Maiya by Neelima Nilay & Simrat Singh is an eulogy to the Jagdambey Maa and is the best Vandana song that will surely make us feel Her presence amongst us.

7. Mata Vaishno Ke Aaye Navrate by Narendra Chanchal is a beautiful prayer to Maa Vaishno Devi to bless and protect her bhakts.

8. Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kaali by Akshay, Chetna is a prayer song that worships the Maa Kali avatar of Maa Ambe and hails the Goddess of terror and strength.

9. Aaj Maiya Ka Jagrata by Sardool Sikander is the mesmerising melody that eulogises and glorifies Devi Durga and is a prayer from all her devotees to show her the Bhakti harboured in our hearts.

10. Jai Ambe Gauri Aarti by Anuradha Paudwal is the must play Bhajan that makes the Aarti of Maa Gauri complete. It is the most important track that kindles our devotion and is the perfect prayer song to the Goddess.

11. Mann Leke Aaya Mata Rani Ke Bhawan Mein by Babla Mehta is a melody that is dedicated to Mata Rani and shows Her the gratefulness and the love we have brought to Her as an offering from us.

12. Beta Jo Bulaye Maa Ko Aana Chahiye by Sukhwinder Singh is a melody that urges Mata Rani to come amidst us and enlighten us with Her Divine presence.

13. Maa Ho To Aisi Ho by Suresh Wadkar is a song that glorifies and idealises Mata Rani and shows to everyone the Divinity and the supreme powers She possesses.

14. Hath Jod Ke Khadi Hoon Maiya by Anuradha Paudwal is a very beautiful bhajan that every bhakt wants to say to the Goddess to show their piety and religiousness.

15. Tere Bhagya Ke Chamkenge Taare by Narendra Chanchal is the song which points out to us the powers and the wonders that the Devi’s grace and blessings can do on us and the transformation that it can bring into our lives if we surrender ourselves totally to Her.

16. Aao Maiya Ji Tumhein Bhog Lagaun by Narendra Chanchal is a melody showing our servitude towards Mata Rani and the way we are going to worship Her in these nine days.

17. Ab Na Roko Na Roko Maa Ke Dwaar Jaane Do by Sonu Nigam is a heartfelt bhajan that shows our undying love and faith towards our Devi and how unstoppable we are when we it comes to worshipping Her.

18. Nau Lakkhe Haaron Wali by Sonu Nigam is a eulogy that hails and extols the Devi.

19. Kan Kan Gaaye Bholi Maa Ki Aarti by Sonu Nigam is a very devotional song that is sure to arouse the bhakti for Mata Gauri within you.

20. Ambe Maa Vinti Suno by Sonu Nigam is a heart rendering prayer to Maa Ambe that asks Her to listen to our pleas and the wishes we have.

21. O Aaye Tere Bhawan by Anuradha Paudwal, Sonu Nigam is an enchanting Bhajan that has been sung with love by the mellifluent singers.

22. Tere Bhagya Ke Chamkenge Taare by Narendra Chanchal is a melody that will trigger your devotion for the Goddess.

23. Sache Bhagat Ke Mann Me by Neelima, Simrat is a bhajan about devoutness and is the perfect vesper in the Aarti of Mata Rani.

24. Chhote Se Tute Gher Me by Neelima, Simrat is a very religious melody that sings about true faith and the sanctified feelings we possess towards the Goddess irrespective of our conditions, status and everything. We are God’s children and in front of Her everyone is the same.

25. Durga Amritwani by Anuradha Paudwal is the song perfect for Devi’s Aarti and Puja and is definitely the mandatory track to be played.

Navratri ek bohot hi anokha tyohar hai. Khushiyon k saath woh Mata Rani ke ashirvad aur shubhkamanay lati hai. Navratri ek aisa pavan utsav hai jahan sab log ek sath ek jut hokar mil batke anand lete hai. Aur aisi ek shubh mangalmayee avsar par Devi ki Aradhana bari dhum dham se honi chahiye jo ache Bhajan aur man main Bhakti bhavnao se hi puri ho sakti hai. Devi ki Aarti aur Vandana ke lie yaha chune gaye hai kuch sangeet jo apke bhitar Devi k lie dharmnishtha jaga degi. Toh aaiye dharmikta mein leen hokar Mata Ambe se prarthana kare taki duniya mein burai ka nash ho aur sachchai aur achchai ki jeet ho, sab ka bhala ho, aur andhera rupi har samasya samapt ho. So come, let us celebrate and enjoy this sacred festival to the fullest with a lot of pomp and vigour and ask the Goddess to bless us in abundance, protect us from danger and give us light so that we succeed and help others to flourish. Jai Mata Di!

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