Easy – Guitar: Nanhi Pari Chords by Sonu Nigam (Asifa)

We worship women, raise her to the altar and speak about their empowerment, but do we treat them right? Do we protect them? Do we care for them? Nanhi pari from Express Yourself is a song that talks about the little angel Asifa who was a victim of the atrocity men commit on women. Sung, penned down and composed by the evergreen Sonu Nigam himself, this soulful melody is from the feature film soundtrack genre. The track uses the guitars, bass guitar and flutes brilliantly. Nanhi pari chords are easy and simple. The guitar chords of Nanhi pari are six in number and they are Em, C, D, Am, F#, A. The song has a signature 4/4 beat with a moderately paced tempo. This track has been played in the Em scale. The chords of Nanhi pari have a very smooth and harmonious progression. This number is intensely heart rendering and touching.

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Nanhi Pari Guitar Chords by Sonu Nigam (Asifa)

Song Tempo: 102
Song Scale/Key: Em
Time Signature: 4/4
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: Em, C, D, Am, F#, A
Difficulty: Easy

Intro Music:

[Em]Choti si ik nanhi pari[C]Kashmir [D]me
[Em]Likh ke kya ayi thi wo[C]takdeer [D]me[C]

[Em]Choti si ik nanhi pari[C]Kashmir [D]me
[Em]Likh ke kya ayi thi wo[C]takdeer [Em]me

[Em]Khoyi thi wo guddiyo [C]ki taabir[D]me
[Em]Fas gyi par [C]jallaado ki bheed[Em]me

Wo[E]tadapti rhi or wo[Am] haste rhe
[E]Zulam ke faans me usko [C]kaste rhe

[Em]Oh[B] ho… [D]Kahan kho gyi tu [B]Asifa
[Em]Oh[B] ho… [D]Kya Jindagi thi [B]Asifa

[Em] [Am] [G] [Am] [B]

[Em]Choti si ek nanhi pari [C]Kashmir [D]me
[Em]Likh ke kya ayi thi wo [C]takdeer [D]me[C]

[Em]Kya un darindo[F#] ki
Thi [C]nhi koi [B]hum jesi[Em]maa
[Em]Kissne sikhaaya [F#]unhein
Kitni[C]anmol [B]hoti[Em] hai jaan

Itni[A]nafrat ko kaise[G]paale hai
Aye[A] Khuda tera adam[B] bta

[Em]Oh [B] ho… [D]Kahan kho gayi tu[B]Asifa
[Em]Oh [B] ho… [D]Kya zindagi thi[B]Asifa

[Em] [D] [C] [B]

[Em]Shikwa me kisse [F#]karu
Har[C]taraf itna[B] andhair[Em]hai
Zalim Khuda se[F#]daro
Bs [C]qayaamat[B] ki ab[Em]der hai

Woh jo[A]bitiya thi abb na[G] ayegi
Kya[A] thi uski bataao[B]khata

[Em]Oh [B] ho [D]Kaha kho gyi tu[B]Asifa
[Em]Oh [B] ho [D]Kya zindagi thi[B]Asifa

[Em]Barbad[B] [D]ho gyi[B] Asifa
[Em]Kya [B] [D]zindagi thi[B] Asifa

[Em]Choti si ikk nanhi pari[C] Kashmir[D] me
[Em]Fas gayi woh[C]jalladon ki [Em]bheed mein

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Original Song Video

More About the Song: Nanhi pari is a song about Asifa. Born in the lap of Kashmir, she was a bubbly eight year old child who had to suffer from the heinous crime that some barbarians decided to commit on her. And not only her but Nanhi pari is for all those little angels out there who are unsafe among the cruel men around them. This song is a heart wrenching rendition and is a taunt to the society who speak a lot about women safety but do very little to protect them. Hats off to Sonu Nigam for creating such a wonderful melody that eulogises the brave little Asifa who had to go through hell without any fault. The tune is indeed very doleful and Sonu Nigam with his gentle and soothing vocals leaves a lasting and indelible impression on our hearts. Rape is a sin and has no forgiveness and those who commit it should be condemned and punished. So let us unite and play this song together, so that not only our beloved Asifa but also all the other Nanhi pari’s get justice and also let this song be a warning bell to the men so that they get cautioned from doing such a evil deed.

Song Credits

Song Title: Asifa/Nanhi Pari
Singer/Artist: Sonu Nigam
Lyrics by Sonu Nigam
Music Composition: Sonu Nigam
Bass Guitar Player: Adrian
Guitar Player: Abhilash Phukan
Flute Player: Ashwin Srinivasan
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Best for Women Safety/Women’s Day
Country: India
Music Label: MX Player

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