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Bhula Diya Guitar Chords by Darshan Raval | On this wet day (It’s raining in Delhi, India), the Darshan Raval has released his valentines day special song for all the lovers out there. In this article, we have shared the bhula diya lyrics and chords. The lyrics of Bhula Diya song are penned by AM Turaz and the vocals of Darshan Raval are flowing over the music composition of Anurag Saikia. As we have shared the guitar chords in this song so you might be interested to know a bit more about instruments and musicians involved in this song. The acoustic and electric guitar part is being played by Ishan Das and on the wind instrument (flute) we have Tejas Vinchurkar and on the bass we have Abhinav Bora. This song is also being supported with the backing vocals by Kavya Daga & Kriti Daga. If we talk about the chord progression then this song is in Am scale and we have used total 10 chords to play the song (C, E, Am, Dm, G, F, Em, Cm, D#, Fm), but the Cm, D# & Fm will be played only in the last paragraph. We suggest you play the song with the D D UUUDUD as the strumming pattern where D is Down Stroke and U is Up Stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Pattern: D D UUUDUD

D – Down
U – UP

Bhula Diya Guitar Chords (Am Scale)

Song Scale/Key: Am
No. of Chords: 10
Chords Used: C, E, Am, Dm, G, F, Em, Cm, D#, Fm
Strumming Pattern: D D UUUDUD

[Scroll Down to do the same song in C scale]

(Am)Teri ankhon ki(Em)gehraayi me
(F)Samma gye hai(G)hazaaro ghamm
(Am)Jo inn me mila hai(Em)sukoon mjhe
(F)Kahi nahi hai (G)Khudaa kasam

(Dm)Teri nigaaho ne jana
(Em)Mujhe Naseeb (F)mera (G)dikhaa dia
(Dm)Hr ikk manzill se meri
(Em)Mujhko Bs ikk (F)lamhein me (G)mila dia

(C)Ho maine ishq ki (E)hr gali ko
(Am)Sajaa diya tere nam se
(Dm)Maine khud ko (F)bhula diya… (C)bhula diya… (Two Times)


(C)Saanse na chale
(E)Tere bina (Am)aisa lage jese ki
(Dm)Saara jahan (G)thamm gya
(C)Shaamey na dhaley
(E)Tere bina (Am)subhaa na ho
(Dm)Aise ki mausamm tu he (G)ban gya

(Dm)Teri panaho ne (Em)mujhko to
(F)In ehsason me (G)dooba diya
(Dm)Teri ibadato ne (Em)mujhko
(F)Sajjdon ke kaabil (G)bna diya

(D#)Ho maine ishq ki har gali ko
(Cm)Sajja diya tere naam se
(Fm)Maine khud ko(Fm)bhula diya… (Cm/D#)bhula diya… (Two Times)

Bhula Diya Guitar Chords (C Scale)

Song Scale/Key: C
No. of Chords: 8
Chords Used: C, G, F, Dm, D#, A#, Cm, Fm
Strumming Pattern: D D UUUDUD

(C)Teri aankho ki geh(G)raayi me
(F)Sama gye hai (C)hazaaron gamm
(C)Jo in me mila hai soo(G)koon mujhe
(F)Khi nhi hai (C)khudaa-kasam

(G)Teri nigaahone (C)jana mujhko
(F)Naseeb mera(C)dikhaa dia

Hr(G)ekk manzill se(C)meri mujhko
Bs ekk lamhein ne(G)mila dia

Ho maine(C)ishq ki
Hr gali ko (Am)sazaa dia
Tere (C)naam se maine
(G)khudko bhula diya… (Dm)bhula (C)diya… [Two Times]

(C)Saase na(Am)chale tere (G)bina
Aisa(C)lge jaise ki(F)saara jahaan thamm gya
(C)Shaame na(Am)dhalein tere (G)bina
Subaah (C)na ho aise ke(F)mausam tu he bann(G)gya

(G)Teri panaahon ne(C)mujhko toh
In (F)ehsaaso me(G)dooba dia
(G)Teri ibaadato(C)ne mujhko
Saz(F)don ke kabil (G)bna dia

Ho maine (D#)ishq ki
Har gali ko(Cm)sazaa dia
Tere (D#)nam se maine
(A#)khudko bhula diya… (Fm)bhula (D#)diya… [Two Times]

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Original Song Video

Bhula Diya - Darshan Raval | Official Video | Anurag Saikia | A. M. Turaz | Indie Music Label

Song Credits

Song Name: Bhula Diya Lyrics & Chords
: Darshan Raval
Lyricist: AM Turaz
Music Composition: Anurag Saikia
Cast: Darshan Raval, Namrata Sheth
Music Label: Indie Music Label
Releasing Year: 2019
Guitars: Ishan Das
Flute Player: Tejas Vinchurkar
Bass Player: Abhinav Bora
Backing Vocals: Kavya Daga & Kriti Daga
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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