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String Band’s Mil Gaya Guitar Chords | The band “Strings” is in the league of their own. Hence their songs are easily recognizable. In 2018 they came up with another hit number “Mil gaya” which has a joyous and motivational tone all over. The strong starts with the drum kicking in maintaining a regular rhythm and pattern. That introductory instrument paves the course of the song . Along with the drums, the strumming of the guitar chords accentuated the introductory music. The guitar hits the highest pitch chords which powers the song to be precise. The lead vocalist is having shrill and high-pitched voice throughout the song. The tonal quality of the vocalist adds a subtleness to the composition.

Talking about the composition, we can infer that there are usages of two string instruments, the two guitars namely, base and acoustic and fusion of Spanish guitar with glimpses of violin sneaking in to the composition. The entire composition is powered by the Spanish guitar chords which strikes the bird eye instantly. It pulls out lethargy from someone’s mind and body.

Now talking about the lyrics, its basically targeting the youth-this vulnerable generation. How dreams get crushed and yet we do not back out from seeing them again and again. We hardly want societal interference in the course of our lives and at some point of time we feel it’s existence to be redundant. But this concept which we can holding might seem vicious and the surroundings might retaliate in some toxic way but we know how to fight our own battles. The lyrics are perfectly relevantly and touched millions of youth. As we know “we can’t touch music but music can touch us” can be justified via this particular songs.

The song comes in three main verses and a chorus verse and a chorus verse which gets repeated after every main verse. There is a bridge in between the 2nd and 3rd verse.

This song has an underlying tone of somberness in the main verses. Again the chorus portion is a confidence booster, it has the potential to pull the demon out of someone only to instill positive energy in someone. The strumming of the guitar increases the resplendence of the song because it shoves in ingenuity in the listeners. Spanish guitar chords are the most striking factor in the entire song due to it’s highs and lows and the melody it brings along with the strumming. The composition is aspiring in nature.

In a nutshell the song is an energy booster for the heartbroken youth. Strings proved themselves by creating this auditory pleasure.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Pattern: DDD UDUDD

D – Down
U – UP

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: D
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: Dm, D, G, Bm, A, DmSus

(D)Prso baithe(Bm) baithe yuhi
So(G) gya, tha me(A)
(D)Jiski yaad(Bm)o me tha
Usme(G) kho gya… tha me(A)

(D)Pardaa jo hila
(B)Dheemi si hawwa(A) ayi(B)
Or khti thi(D) mjhe
Kisi or(Dm) ko bhi ajj(DmSUS) teri yaad(A) ayi

(D)Mil gaya mila gaya…
(Bm)Dhundhta tha dil jis ko
(D)Khil gya khilaa gya
(Bm)Fir se tere labpe mera(A) nam(D)

(D)Ek din baithe(Bm)baithe
Yu he(G) has pda, tha(A) me
(D)yr mujhpe(Bm) haste
unpe has(G) rha, tha(A) mei

(D)Na jaane shor me
(A)Kaisi yeh chupp(G) Chayi(A)
Or khti thi(D) mjhe
Kisi or(Dm) ko bhi aj(DmSUS) teri yad(A) ayi

(D)Mil gaya mila gaya
(Bm)Dhundhta tha dil jis ko
(D)Khil gya khilaa gya
(Bm)Firse tere labbpe mera(A) naam(D)

Saath(Bm) mill ke chalke(A) yeh sillshile
Bdhte(G) jaye payein(A) Hum manzille
(Bm)Jin pe jake(A) Chede nyi(G) dastaan

(D)Mil gya mila gya
(Bm)Dhundta tha dil jisko
(D)Khil gya khilla gya
(Bm)Phirse tere labbpe mera(A) naam(D)

(D)Mil gaya mila gaya
(Bm)Dhundta tha dil jiss ko
(D)Khill gya khilla gya
(Bm)Fir se tere labb pe mera(A) nam(D)

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Original Song Video

Mil Gaya | Strings | 2018 | 30 | (Official Video) | 4K

Song Credits

Song Name: Mil Gaya
Artist/Band: Strings
Lyrics by Bilal Maqsood
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Hindi
Country: Pakistan

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