Easy: Illahi Chords Sonu Nigam with Strumming Pattern (Guitar)

Sometimes we face a lot of crossroads in life where we do not know exactly which path to choose and which path to leave. Ilaahi from Pranaam is a song that talks exactly about these uncertainties of life. Sung by the mellifluous Sonu Nigam, this melody has been composed by the versatile Vishal Mishra and penned down by the poetic Manoj Muntashir. The song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses several different instruments very euphoniously. Ilaahi chords are simple and easy and even the amateurs can play them with ease. The guitar chords of Ilaahi are six in number and they are [E] [D] [A] [Bm] [C#m] [G#]. The melody has been played in the E scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Ilaahi have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of DD DUDU.

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Sonu Nigam – Ilaahi Guitar Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified
Song Key/Scale
: E
Chords Used: E, D, A, Bm, C#m, G#
Strumming Pattern: DD DUDU

Intro Music:
[E] [D] [E]
[E] [D] [A]
[x2 Times]

Jaana [D]chahe [A]baadalon ke paar [E]bhi
Or [D]zameeno se [A]judein hai taar [Bm]bhi
Jaana [D]chahe [A]baadalon ke paar [E]bhi
Or [D]zameeno se [A]judein hai taar [Bm]bhi

[C#m]Jaane talaashein hai [A]kyaa [Bm]
Ye dil [E]parinda
[C#m]Dhoondein hai ghar ka [A]pata [Bm]

Ye dil [E]parindaTukde [D]tukde hoke [A]nadaan
Rehta hai [Bm]zinda

[C#m]Jaane talaashein hai [A]kyaa [Bm]
Ye dil [E]parinda
[C#m]Dhoondein hai ghar ka [A]pata [Bm]
Ye dil [E]parinda

Ilaahi [E]eee [D]eee [E]
Ilaahi [E]eee [D]eee [A]
[x3 Times]

[E] [D] [E]
[E] [D] [A]
[x2 Times]

[E]Sapne mere [D]aise tootey
[G#]Jaise [Bm]dhaare [E]tere
[E]Abke aankhein [D]aise barsi
[G#]Baadal [Bm]haarey [E]tere

Mere [C#m]haathon se [A]kyun
[G#]Girr gayi har [E]dua
Sabka [C#m]hai tu [A]Khuda
[G#]Kyun na mera [E]hua

Ilaahi [E]eee [D] eee[E]
Ilaahi [E]eee [D] eee[A]
[x2 Times]

[E]Apne haatho [D]ujjdey hai hum
[G#]Shikwa bhi [Bm]kya [E]kare
[E]Zarra-zarra [D]bikhre hai hum
[G#]Jode se [Bm]kya [E]judey

Hum wo [C#m]padh na [A]sake
Jo bhi [G#]tune [E]likha
Chall [C#m]hatheli se [A]abb
Ye [G#]lakeerein [E]mita

Ilaahi [E]eee [D]eee [E] [x2 Times]

[C#m]Jaane talaashein hai [A]kya [Bm]
Yeh dil [E]parinda
[C#m]Dhoonde hai ghr ka [A]pata [Bm]
Yeh dil [E]parinda

Tukde [D]tukde hoke [A]naadaan
Rehta hai [Bm]jinda

[C#m]Jaane talashein hai [A]kya [Bm]
Ye dil [E]parinda
[C#m]Dhoondey hai ghar ka [A]pta [Bm]
Ye dil [E]parinda

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More About this Song: Ilaahi is a very heart rendering song. This melancholic melody has a deep sense of pathos imbibed in it. We are often surrounded with difficult choices in front of us and find ourselves embraced in obstacles and tough times. This song perfectly suits with this feeling. The lyrics have very beautifully described those moments of doubt that we all face in life. Muntashir has as usual showed us his magic and has enchantingly carved all those unsaid thoughts into this doleful melody. The music is very soothing and refreshing and is quite appealing to the audience. The song begins with a harmonious crooning and then we get Sonu’s stellar performance. His extremely dulcet and gentle vocals are mesmerising and compel us to come back to this song again and again. His voice is classically rich and has a refined tonal quality that keeps us spellbound. Filmed on Rajeev Khandelwal, the video of this song is packed with action and is entertaining to watch. This track harmonises well with the pensive and the wistful mood. It is quite the companion if you are in solitude and are facing a situation in which you are feeling helpless as it acts like a ray of hope that will remove your dark clouds and help you relax.


Ilaahi Audio | PRANAAM | Rajeev K | Sonu Nigam,Vishal Mishra, Manoj M | Sanjiv Jaiswal

Song Credits

Song Title: Ilaahi
Singer/Artist: Sonu Nigam
Music Composition: Vishal Mishra
Movie/Film: Pranaam
Lyrics by Manoj Muntashir
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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