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Meray Saathiya Guitar Chords | One of the highly underrated singers in India but adored in Pakistan, Mustafa Zahid and the band, Roxen released a remake of an old song of the same name created by the same band, called, “Meray Saathiya” The aggressive emotions in the lyrics given by Mustafa Zahid, really put you on your toes. The melody is so catchy that it gets embedded in your brain. Especially the hook and the chorus, they are produced extremely well. Starting his career with two hit songs that we still listen to, from the movie Awarapan, “To Phir Aao” and “Tera Mera Rishta”, Mustafa Zahd’s voice is not new to the Bollywood industry, he’s sung songs for Aashiqui 2, Ek villain and more but this track becomes another opportunity to prove himself that he deserves more recognition in the Indian film industry, even though he’s come up with quite a dozen of hit tracks in the past few years. Coming to the lyrics, it’s pretty easily notable that the song is about separation, and living with that pain. The words are crisp and pour out the helplessness of the singer, they are written with a lot of thought and perhaps maybe experience kept in mind, as they feel very relate-able by the young generation. Funnily enough this song was composed by Mustafa long back, and around 7 years later this track doesn’t lose its zest and still reverberates with the youth, which goes to prove that this song is indeed evergreen.

The rhythm and the tempo are so good and uplift the song to make it boppier and easier to listen to and sing along. This song is perfect for an Indie band to jam to; moreover this song gives a lot of potential to be played around by adding a few licks and creating various solos. The voice of the singer really makes you feel the aggression and the pain of losing a loved one, he really makes his song his, and takes us on his journey. His voice is a lovely combination of rusty and buttery where you feel the corrosiveness but it gets blended in with the instrument giving it a very professional touch. There has to be a special mention to the electric guitar and the one playing it, the whole vibe is given by the exceptional playing of the guitar. In the beginning it’s the guitar that gives the song a great kick start, and gives the whole energy to the ensemble. Towards the end, the solo of the guitar is extremely well put and played; it’s something nobody has ever heard before and actually pretty easy to play. The listeners wish it were just a little longer to at least delve into the mood of that superb solo. Cheers to Mustafa and Roxen in picturing their old song and giving us a rendition of a much newer, more rock solid and one of the most tuneful heartbreak songs.

The key of this composition is in C#m or Dbm Chord, five chords are being used in the whole song – Dbm or C#m, Gbm or F#m, E, A, & B chords.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 100
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Key/Scale: Dbm/C#m
Rhythm Pattern: D UUD UUD
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: C#m/Dbm, A, B, F#m/Gbm, E

Intro Music: [Dbm/C#m], [A], [Dbm/C#m], [A]

[Dbm/C#m]Phirta rha me, chalta rha me[A] kaha
[Dbm/C#m]Andheron me bhi to dhoondhey the tere [A]nishaan
[Dbm/C#m]Yeh mera dil to dhoonde hai tujhko[A] yahan
[Dbm/C#m]Soya rha me, khoya raha me [A]kahan

Haan [B]kahan…

Me[Dbm/C#m] kaise kahunga, me [E]jeeta rhunga
Yeh[Gbm/F#m] kaisi hai meri [B]saza…
Yeh[Dbm/C#m] to voh saza hai, jismein[E] tu basa hai
Isme[Gbm/F#m] bhi toh hai phir [B]maza

[Dbm/C#m]Ho… Ooh Oo… [A]Tere bin [B]jia
[Dbm/C#m]Ho… Ooh Ooo… [A]Mere [B]saathiya…

[Dbm/C#m]Tute khwaabon me jo, dekkha tha maine wo[A] raasta
Dhundha jb bhi ussey, [A]mila na mujhe wo kho[Gbm/F#m] gya…

Me [Dbm/C#m]kaise kahunga, me [E]jita rahunga
Yeh [Gbm/F#m]kaisi hai meri[B] saza
Yeh[Dbm/C#m] to wo saza hai, jisme [E]tu basa hai
Isme[Gbm/F#m] bhi to hai phir [B]maza…

[Dbm/C#m]Ho… Ooh Oooh [A]Tere bin [B]jiya
[Dbm/C#m]Ho… Oooh Oooh [A]Meray [B]saathiya
[Dbm/C#m]Ho Ooo Oooh…

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Original Song Video

Full Video: Meray Saathiya Song | Roxen & Mustafa Zahid | Latest Song 2018

Song Credits

Song: Meray Saathiya
Singer/Artist: Roxen & Mustafa Zahid
Music Composition: Roxen & Mustafa Zahid
Lyrics: Mustafa Zahid
Produced by ROXEN
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Music Label: T-Series

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