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Sau Galtiyan is an enchanting melody. Sau Galtiyan chords are simple and easy. Sau Galtiyan chords are six in number and they are Em, C, D, Am, B, G. Sau Galtiyan chords follow the strumming pattern of D DU UDU. The song has been played in the Em scale.Sau Galtiyan from the movie Shimla Mirch is an intensely romantic song. The melody has been sung by the mellifluous Meet Bros Anjjan Feat. Yasser Desai & Khushboo Grewal, composed by Meet Bros Anjjan and has been penned down by the poetic Kumaar. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this song uses the various instruments quite euphoniously. The chords of Sau Galtiyan are easy enough and the beginners can play them fluently. The melody has been played in a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. This Hindi romantic song is indeed a gift to us by Bollywood.

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Sau Galtiyan Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: Em
Chords Used: Em, C, D, Am, B, G
Strumming Pattern: D DU UDU

[D]Kuch bhi nhi hai [G]bewajah
[G]Tujhko ni hai ye [G]pta
Kuch bi [D]nhi hai bewajah
Tujh ko [D]nhi hai ye pata

Tujhe [Em]paane ko dil ne [G]ki sau [D]galtiyan
Tujhe [Em]paane ko dil ne [G]ki sau [D]galtiyan
Sau [Em]galtiyan [G]aa, sau [D]galtiyan
Sau [Em]galtiyan [G]aa, sau [D]galtiyan

[D]Palko pe hai [Bm]subha mile
[A]Kuch neend ke [G]tukdey
[D]Faaslo ki [Bm]khidkiyo se
[A]Chain dekhe chup [G]chupke

[D]Palko pe hai [Bm]subah mile
[A]Kuch neend ke [G]tukdey
[D]Faslo ki [Bm]khidkiyon se
[A]Chain dekhe chup [G]chhupke

[Bm]Tere he to [G]lafz hai jo
[A]Abb dhadakte hai [G]hontho pe
[Bm]Khwaaisho ke [G]aaine me
[A]Aksh tere hai [D]dikhte

Tujhe [Em]paane ko dil ne [G]ki sau [D]galtiyaan
Tujhe [Em]paane ko dil ne [G]ki sau [D]galtiyaan
Sau [Em]galtiyan [G]aa, sau [D]galtiyan
Sau [Em]galtiyan [G]aa, sau [D]galtiyan

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Sau Galtiyan | Shimla Mirch | Hema M, Rajkummar R, Rakul Preet S| Meet Bros Anjjan| Yasser, Khushboo

More About the Song: Sau Galtiyan is a very refreshing song. This melody talks about a love which is pure and innocent. The lyrics are quite emotional and heart-warming. The music is very soothing and blissful to the ears. With a few crests and troughs, the tune glides on gently and slowly. Yasser and Khushboo have done a wonderful job by their stellar duet. Yasser’s velvety smooth vocals and Khushboo’s melodious voice keeps the audience mesmerised and hooked onto the melody. The video of this song is also a delight to watch. The track harmonises well with the lovey-dovey mood and is the perfect ambience setter on a romantic date.

Song Credits

Song Title: Sau Galtiyaan
: Meet Bros Anjjan Ft. Yasser Desai & Khushboo Grewal
Movie/Film: Shimla Mirch
Music Composition: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics by Kumaar
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: Zee Music Company

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