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Love is something too blissful and aesthetic. The song Hawayein from the film Jab Harry Met Sejal validates this claim justly. Sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh, this track has been composed by the maestro Pritam and penned down by the poetic Irshad Kamil. This song is from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the ethnic strokes, the bass, acoustic and electric guitars artfully. Hawayein chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners effortlessly. The guitar chords of Hawayein are four in number and they are A, D, Em, G. This melody has been played in the D scale with a moderately paced tempo and the signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Hawayein have a smooth progression and follow a strumming pattern of DDU UDU. This romantic number is nothing but a soulful rendition and is truly an enchanting and bewitching soundtrack.

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Hawayein Guitar Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified by Team on instrument
Song Scale/Key: D
Chords Used: A, D, Em, G
Strumming Pattern: DDU UDU or D UDUD UDUD
Difficulty: Easy

[D]Tujh ko me rakh lu [G]waha
Jahan pe [A]kahi
Hai mera [D]yakeenMe [D]jo tera na [G]hua
Kisi ka [A]nahi
Kisi ka [D]nahiLe jaayein jaane [G]kahan hawayein, hawayein
Le jaayein tujhe [D]kahan hawayein, hawayein

Begaani hai yeh [G]baaghi hawayein, hawaayein
Le jaaye mujhe [D]kahaan hawayein, hawaayein

Le jayein jaane [Em]kahan, na mujh ko [A]khabar
Na tujh ko [D]pata

Music (Humming Oo Oo):
(G) (D) (G) (D) (A) (D)

Banati hai jo [D]tu
Wo yaadein jaane [A]sang mere kab tak [G]chalein
Inhi mein to [Em]meri
Subha bhi dhalen [A]shaam dhalein
Mausam [D]dhalein

Khaayalon ka [D]shehar
Tu jaane tere hone se he abaad [G]hai
Hawaayein hak [Em]me
Woi hai aate [A]jaate jo
Tera naam [D]le

Deti hai jo [G]sadaayein hawayein, hawayein
Na jaane kya [D]bataayein hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye tujhe [G]kahan hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye mujhe [D]kahan hawayein, hawayein

Le jaayein jaane [Em]kaha, na mujh ko [A]khabar
Naa tujhko [D]pata

Music (Humming Oo Oo):
(G) (D) (G) (D) (A) (D)

[D]Chehra kyu milta [G]tera
Yu khwaabon se [A]mere
Ye kya raaz [D]hai
Kal [D]bhi meri na thi [G]tu
Na hogi tu [A]kal
Meri aj [D]hai

Teri hai meri [G]saari wafaye wafaye
Mangi hai tere [D]liye duaayein duaayein
Le jaaye tujhe [G]kaha hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye mujhe [D]kaha hawayein, hawayein

Le jaaye jaane [G]kaha hawayein hawayein
Le jaaye tujhe [D]kaha hawayein hawayein
Le jaaye jaane [G]kaha hawayein hawayein
Le jaaye tujhe [D]kaha hawayein hawayein

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More About this Song: Hawayein is a very soothing song. It is definitely the love song of the year and this melody will always remain evergreen. The track croons about how the lover is mesmerised by the beloved and can never be somebody else’s. The wind blows away the lover and he doesn’t know where it will lead him to. Kamil as usual weaves magic with his pen and carves into a heart warming rhyme and rhythm the indescribable feelings hidden deep in our heart. The music is very refreshing and relaxing. Like the sweet tempest on a hot summer day, this melody soothes the weary soul and harmonises quite well with the pensive mood. Arijit Singh is stellar as usual and keeps us bound by his enticing performance. His dulcet and gentle voice keeps us hooked onto this lovely soundtrack. Filmed on the King of Romance Shahrukh Khan and the phenomenal Anushka Sharma in breath taking foreign locations, their on screen chemistry is just a treat to the eyes. The song is perfect for a romantic dinner date with your lover serenading in your arms. And if you want to proclaim your love to her then play this song to your better half and see how she falls head over heels in love with you.


Hawayein Lyric Video - Jab Harry Met Sejal |Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka|Arijit Singh|Pritam

Song Credits

Song Title: Le Jaayein Tujhe Kahan Hawayein
Music Composition
: Pritam
Lyrics by Irshad Kamil
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Releasing Year: 2017
Movie/Film: Jab Harry Met Sejal
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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