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There are times when you feel blue and all dismayed and gloomy because the memories of your past lover come back flooding to you. Dil Roye Jaaye from De De Pyar De is that song which validates this claim. Sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh, this melody has been composed by the versatile Rochak Kohli and penned down by the poetic Kumaar. This song uses the guitars, the drums and the other instruments very beautifully to create this mesmerising symphony. This guitar based song has simple level chords that can be picked up by the amateurs with ease. The progression of the chords is subtle and harmonious. From the filmi soundtrack genre, this song has a moderately paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat.

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Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DU (c) U U(c) or D UDUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Royi Jaye Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified by Team
Song Scale
: C#/Db
Capo Position: 1st Fret
No. of Chords: 5
Chord used with Capo: C, Am, F, C, Dm
Rhythm Pattern: DU (c) U U(c) or D UDUD

Intro Music:

[C] [Am] [F] [C]

Mere [C] hisse mein tu [Dm] nahi hai
Ye bhi na [Am] jaanu kyu [G] nahi hai
Mere [G] hisse mein tu [Dm] nahi hai
Ye bhi na [Am] jaanu kyu [G] nahi hai

[C] Itna he bas mujh ko [F] pata hai
Me tera [Am] galat tu mera [G] shi hai

Tere bin [Am] ye gham hai
Kuch [F] saansein kam hain
Ki [Dm] tujhko paane se zyaada [G] khoyi-khoyi jaaye
Dil [C] royi jaye, royi jaye, [F] royi jaaye
Aankhon [G] ke kinaare betha [C] royi jaaye
Dil [C] royi jaye, royi jaye, [F] royi jaaye
[G] Yaado ke sahare betha [C] royi jaaye

[C] [F] [Dm] [G]
[Am] [F] [G] [C]

[C] [Am]

[Am] Tere bina zindagi [F] to hai
Par [G] jeene se aitraaz [C] hai
[Am] Maane huve hai do [Dm] dil
Lekin [G] takdeerein naraaz [C] hai

Kehta [Am] hai kahani
Ishq ka [F] yeh paani
Sab [Dm] doobe sahil pe lekin [G] koi koi aye

Dil [C] royi jaye, royi jaye, [F] royi jaye
Aankhon [G] ke kinaare betha [C] royi jaye
Dil [C] royi jaye, royi jaye, [F] royi jaaye
Yaadon [G] ke sahare betha [C] royi jaaye

Dil…[C] royi jaaye [F] royi Jaaye…
Dil…[C] royi jaaye [G] royi Jaaye…

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Song Information: Break ups and separations are quite painful and agonizing and the lyrics of this melody captures these feelings poetically. The crying heart due to the absence of the beloved has been showcased in these heart rendering lyrics beautifully and we cannot help but relate to the truth of the words. Rochak Kohli has done a commendable job once again by composing such a heart wrenching track. The tune is a smooth flow of rhyme and rhythm with no crests and troughs in between. The rhythm runs leisurely and has a very soothing and gentle sensation. The background instruments are subtle and make this track even more enchanting. Arijit Singh however steals the show. With his stellar performance, he keeps us spell bound and bewitched. His voice has a rich cadence and his tonal quality is velvety smooth. His heartfelt performance compels us to come back to this track again and again.

Original Song Video

Dil Royi Jaye : De De Pyaar De I Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Rakul Preet l Arijit Singh, Rochak Kohli, Kumaar

Song Credits

Song Title: Dil Royi Jaaye
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Rochak Kohli
Movie: De De Pyaar De
Lyrics by Kumaar
Music Label: T-Series
Guitars by Krishna Pradhan
Releasing Year: May 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

More about the song: Dil roye jaaye is an immensely emotional song. The lyrics are quite thought provoking and strike the inner chords of the hearts. Arijit Singh, who is the king of sad songs, has yet again justified this title of his by giving us this melancholic melody akin to Agar tum saath ho, Kabira and Kalank. The guitars and the drums have been used in a very beautiful way that imparts a very doleful mood to this melody. The song has been filmed on the pretty Rakul Preet, stunning Tabu and the evergreen Ajay Devgan and the video of this track is a treat to the eyes. This number is all set to break records and captivate us in the coming years as well. The song is ideal and very relatable if you are suffering from a painful break up and cannot forget all those bitter and sweet moments that you spent with your beloved. If you are in a pensive mood and in a heartbroken state, this melody will definitely harmonise with your present condition. And if you want to shape your grief in the form of music, then strum those chords on the guitar and show the world how talented you are.
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