Guitar: Anxiety Chords by Selena Gomez & Julia Michaels

Chords of Anxiety by Julia Michaels featuring Selena Gomez is a path-breaking and upbeat song. This soundtrack is way unique and different from all the songs the English music industry has composed till date. The melody was sung by Julia and Selena and lyrics were written by Julia Michaels, Scott Harris, Ian Kirkpatrick and Selena Gomez. Anxiety features in the album Inner Monologue Part 1, and tops the US Billboard music chart. The melody was created by using the acoustic guitars and that adds the slick groovy charm to this number. The song hails from the pop genre and has a moderately paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat. This guitar based song has novice level guitar chords that can be learnt by the amateurs in a jiffy. The progression of the chords is smooth and harmonious.

Anxiety Chords

Song Scale/Key: C
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Tempo: 70
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: C, Am, Dm, G, F
Tuning: Standard

Verse starts here
[C]My friends they wanna take me to the movies [Am]
[Dm]I tell them to f*ck off, I am holding [G] hands with my depression
[C]And right when I think I have overcome it [Am]
[Dm]Anxiety starts kicking in to [G] teach that shit a lesson
[C]Oh! I try my best just to be social [Am]
[Dm]I make all these plans with friends and [G] hope the call and cancel
[C]Then I overthink about the things I am missing[Am]
[Dm]Now I am wishing I was with them[G]

Pre-chorus starts here
[C]Feel like I am always apologizing for feeling[Am]
[Dm]Like I am out of my mind when I am[G] doing just fine
[C]And my exes say that I am hard to deal with[F]
And I admit[Am] it[G] Yeah!

Chorus starts here
[C]But all my[Am] friends,
They don’t know[Dm] what it’s like[G] what it’s[C] like
[C]They don’t[Am] understand why
[Dm]I can’t [G] sleep through the [C] night
I’ve been told [Am] that I could take something to [Dm] fix it
Damm, I wish it,[G] I wish it was that simple, ah[C]
[C]But all my [Am] friends,
They don’t know [Dm] what it’s like[G] what it’s [C] like

Verse starts here
[C]Always wanted to be one of [Am] those people in the room
[Dm] That says something and everyone puts their[G] hand up
Like If you are sad put your[C]hand up
If you hate someone, put your [Am] hand up
If you are scared, put your [Dm] hand up [G]

Pre-chorus starts here again
Feel like I’m[C] always apologizing for [Am] feeling
Like I’m [Dm] out of my[G] mind when I’m doing just fine
And my[C] exes say that I am hard to deal[Am] with
And I [G] admit it [C] Yeah!

Chorus starts here again
[C]But all my [Am] friends
They don’t know [Dm] what it’s like [G] what it’s[C] like
[C]They don’t [Am] understand why
[Dm]I can’t [G] sleep through the[C] night
I have been told [Am] that I could take something to [Dm] fix it
Damm! I wish it [G] I wish it was that simple ahh[C]
[C]But all my[Am] friends,
They don’t know[Dm] what it’s like [G] what it’s [C] like

Bridge starts here
[C]I got all these thoughts [Am] running through my mind
[Dm]All the damn time and [G] I can’t seem to shut it off
[C]I think I’m doing fine [Am] most of the time
[Dm]I think that I’m alright, but[G] I can’t seem to shut it off [Two Times]

Chorus starts here
[C] But all my[Am] friends,
They don’t know[Dm] what it’s like [G] what it’s [C] like
[C] They don’t [Am] understand why
[Dm] I can’t [G] sleep through the [C] night
I’ve been told [Am] that I could take something to [Dm] fix it
Damm, I wish it,[G] I wish it was that simple, ahh [C]
[C]But all my [Am] friends,
They don’t know [Dm] what it’s like,[G] what it’s[C] like!

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Song Information: This song is diverse from the other songs because of its theme. Anxiety and depression is a very crucial health problem that requires urgent help and should never be neglected. However we still consider mental health as something trivial and are not aware about the seriousness it poses. But this powerful duo has brilliantly brought out these facts and the impacts and effects of isolation and disquietude through this track. The song has a flavour of self-deprecating humour and the experience and the feeling of anxiety. The beat of this track is intensely snappy and feet tapping. The use of just the guitars with the dulcet and mellow vocals imparts that unplugged sensation to this track. Julia and Selena are beyond praise. Selena as usual keeps us hooked onto this song with her mellifluous voice. Julia’s performance is stellar and spell binding. The plucky rhythm, the thought provoking lyrics and the mesmerising crooning compel us to listen to this song on loop.

Song Credits

Song Title: Anxiety
: Julia Michaels & Selena Gomez
Lyrics by Julia Michaels
Album: Inner Monologue
Releasing Year: January 2019
Language: English
Genre: Pop

More about the song: Anxiety is a song that will set a new trend. Unlike other pop stars who sing about parties and unlimited booze and crazy chicks, Anxiety deals with serious issues like a fragile and vulnerable state of mind. This song is a bit autobiographical because Selena herself was undergoing depression and was seeking for help from it. Therefore her struggles and the experiences she was facing have been penned down in this melody. The song is also emblematic of women empowerment as two women here talk about significant topics and do not just fight over a man for his time or attention. The melody is quite soulful and every person who is in trauma or some agony can relate to this song. The message that Anxiety tries to convey to us is that it is okay to face psychological issues and we should not keep it hidden. We should speak up and ask for immediate help and also help those in distress. Overall, this song is poppy and quite addictive and will make you hum the chorus all through the day. The number is sure to keep us glued to it in the future as well and will always remind us of one thing- that everything is and will be alright.
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