Guitar: Pagal Chords by Diljit Dosanjh [Strumming]

Diljit Dosanjh – Pagal Guitar Chords  | Presenting guitar chords of soulful and latest Punjabi song by Diljit Dosanjh. The lyrics of this punjabi soulful song are written by Babbu and the music is composed by Goldboy and Diljit Dosanjh is person behind the vocal in the song and the video of this song is directed by Navjit Buttar and the song is released by Speed Records. The tempo in this song is set to 80, and the time signature is 4/4 and scale of this song is in Bm (B minor) and we’ve used 4 chords to play the song on our instrument, the chords that we’ve used are Bm, A, Em & D Chord. If you’re not comfortable in playing the chords like Bm then you can play it using the Capo, we’ve shared the chords with capo in a bit detail in this post after the strumming part section of the song, followed by the guitar chords of song in detail without using the Capo. We’re using D D UU D Du as the strumming pattern for this song by Diljit Ji where D is Down Stroke & U is Up Stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D D UU D Du

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords (With Capo)

If you’re not comfortable in playing the chords without capo then you can place your guitar capo on the second fret (2nd fret) of your instrument, which will bring the scale of the song to the Am with the capo.

Capo Position: 2nd Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Am, G, F, & E

Guitar Chords in Detail (Without Capo)

Tempo: 80
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale: Bm
Chords Used: Bm, A, Em, D
Rhythm Pattern: D D UU D Du

[Bm]Tutt chuki me naal [Em]toot chuki yaari
[A]Pher bhi ehh hundaa[Bm] ehsas kyi baari
[D]Pta hundeya ki ohh [A]bewaafa hai
[Bm]Bhuli jehda dhoka khaaya oh…

Me [Bm]pagal ne fer ohdi[Em] ho… jaana
[A]Aj vi je mudd aya[D] oh
Me [Bm]pagal ne fer ohdi[Em] ho jaana
[A]Aj vi je mudd aya[D] oh

[Bm] Aaa [A] [Bm] [G] [Bm] [A]

Oh [Bm]sona hai
Oh [A]changaa hai
Mash[D]hur vi hai
Badna[Bm]aam bhi hai
Unjhh [Bm]apne ap’ch [A]rhnda par
Mun[D]deyya wich pura[Bm] naam vi hai

Mere [Bm]laayi si oh[D] ladd penda
Je[Bm] tang koi menu [D]karda si
Hunn [Em]pta nhi[A] ohnu ho gya ki
[A]Ohdo mainu khon-ton [Bm]darda si

Bs[D] pata nhi ki aey [A]Babbu vich
[Bm]Jehda janda nhi bhulaaya oh

Me[Bm] pagal (Mad) … fer ohdi ho [Em]jaana
[A]Aj vi je mood aya [D]oh
Main [Bm]paagal ne fer ohdi[Em] ho jana
[A]Aj vi je mudd aya[D] oh

[Bm] Aaa [A] [Bm] [G] [Bm] [A]

Hunn vi [Bm]me shaam noo [A]jaandi nhi
[D]Mundeya to durr [Bm]he rehndi haa
Koi friend[Bm] me nawa [A]banaundi nhi
Hun[D] vi me padhdi [Bm]rehandi an

Hun [Bm]vi main [D]vaal rangaaundi nhi
Hunn [Bm]vi ohde supne [D]bundi haa
Ohde [Em]pichhe lagi [A]hu vi me
[A]Gurdas Maan nu [Bm]sundi haa

Kam [D]har ikk hun vi me[A] kardi haan
[Bm]Jehda-Jehda ohne sikhaaya oh..

Main[Bm] pagal… fer ohdi ho [Em]jaana
[A]Aj vi je mudd aya [D]oh
Me [Bm]pagal ne fer ohdi[Em] ho jaana
[A]Aj vi je mood aaya[D] oh..

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Original Song Video

PAGAL (Official Video) | Diljit Dosanjh | New Punjabi Songs 2018 | Latest Punjabi Songs 2018

Song Credits

Singer: Diljit Dosanjh
Album: Pagal
Lyrics by Babbu
Language: Punjabi
Country: Punjab, India
Music and Composer: Goldboy
Music Label: Speed Records
Releasing Year: 2018

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