Guitar: Tor Sathe Chords – Generation (তোর সাথে/আমি)

Tor Sathe Guitar Chords (তোর সাথে ) | Presenting the chords of  a song with some refreshing tune – “Tor Sathe” from “Generation Ami” movie. The lyrics of the song are penned by Prasen and sung by Sudipto Chowdhury and music is composed by Arindom. The guitar music for this bengali song is given by Ankur Mukherjee. With the C, G, & F chords we recommend to play DD D UUDD as the strumming pattern for this soulful bengali song. Before the video we’ve also shared the links of few more bengali songs that you may like.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DD D UUDD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: C Major
Chords Used: C, G, & F
Rhythm Pattern: DD D UUDD

Song Intro: (C)(F)(G)

(C)Bole dilli tui ami (F)kichchhu pari (G)naa
(C)Sada kalo samajey ami (F)bachtey jani(G)naa
(C)Bole dili tui ami (F)kichchhu pari (G)na
(C)Sada kaloo samaje ami (F)bachte janii(G)na

(C)Daratey pari(G)naa (C)amar tor kachh (G)thekey
(C)Soti na holeo baniye bole (G)dey tui
Hoye (C)Choto ekta palak aj janla khulle (G)de tui
Kaal (C)bhejanorr dine ei to sobe (G)elli

Hoye(C)kak bhejanorr snan
(C)Bheeje jaas na (G)cholle
Hole-hobe (F)aari noyeto (G)bhab
Tor (C)sathe (G)tor (C)sathe

(C)Bhaalo tha(F)kiss bhaaloba(G)sai
Chokhethe (F)jol anis (G)na aaa aa…
(C)Dekh (F)amar Fire (G)asha aaa aa…
Hoye ello (C)samay

Dekh (G)abar tor (C)sathe (G)tor (C)sathe
(C)Hoye jaa (F)tui hotatt (G)bhaalo
(C)Hoye ja (F)tui akaash (G)kaalo oo o…
(C)Ami (F)hobo se rajku(G)maar

(C)Raatey jele (Am)rakhar paasher (G)aalo
Tor (C)kaache (G)torr (C)sathe

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Original Song Video

Tor Sathe | Full Audio Song | Generation আমি | Rwitobroto | Mainak | Sudipto | Arindom |SVF Music

Song Credits

Song Name: Tor Sathe (Generation/আমি)
Music Composer: Arindom
Lyricist: Prasen
Singer/Artist: Sudipto Chowdhury
Guitar: Ankur Mukherjee
Music Label: SVF Music
Language: Bengali/বাঙালি/বাংলা
: India
Releasing Year: 2018

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