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Kya Baat Ay Guitar Chords | After the massive success of Naah song by Harrdy Sandhu, presenting another melodious and sensational pop song by him – Kya Baat Ay or Kya Baat Hai. & Lyrics sung by Hardy Sandhu. The lyrics of this song are penned by Jaani & the music has been arranged by B Praak and released under the label of Sony Music India. In this post we’ve shared two versions – one with the capo and another without the capo with different options of strumming patterns.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD DU or DU (Chuck) UUU D
Finger Plucking: U (Chuck) UUU (Chuck) or DU (Chuck) UDU (Chuck) UD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords (with Capo)

Chords with Capo: Em, Am, C, D
Capo Position: 2nd Fret

Guitar Chords in Detail (without Capo)

Tempo: 85
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale: Gbm/F#m
Chords Used: Gbm/F#m, D, E
Difficulty Level: Medium

Song Intro– Gbm/F#m, D, E, A

Tera [F#m]mukhda chand da tukda
Ni tere ainak, tere shoe
[D]Kya Baat ay
[E]Kya Baat ay

[F#m]Ni tera kajal
[F#m]Karda aye pagal
[F#m]Hypnotize kare jatt nu
[D]Kya baat hai!
[E]Kya baat hai!

Tere[F#m] lak to lagda Karachi di
Fan marjaaniye [F#m/C#]Buggati di
[Bm]Dil kare tere naal bhaneya rava
Tere [A]jisam chh khushboo eilaichi di
Teri [F#m]akhh, te tikha nak
[F#m]Te utto mashaallah munh
[D]Kya baat ay!
[E]Kya baat aye!

Ni tera [F#m]kajal
[F#m]Karda ae pagal
[F#m]Hypnotize kare jatt nu
[D]Kya baat hai?
[E]Kya baat hai?

Tera kangna kangna kangna…
[E]Kya baat [F#m]ae[D]… [E]?

Lakk[F#m] nu paaiyan-paaiyaan badi marjaaniye
[D]Tenu takk ke mainu
[E]Aande gandey thought marjaniye

Lakk nu[F#m] paaiyaan-paaiyaan badi marjaniye
[D]Tenu takk ke mainu
[E]Aande gandey thought marjaniye
[F#m]Gallan ne gulaabi vich toye nakhro
[C#/F#m]Kar de ne mundey hoye hoye nakhro
[F#m]Jehda tenu tak leve ik vaar ni
[A]3-4 mahiney ta naa soye nakhro
Teri [F#m]chaal tey gallan laal
[F#m]Tey saari di saari hi tu
[D]Kya baat ay?
[E]Kya baat ay?

Ni tera [F#m]kajal
[F#m]Karda aey pagal
[F#m]Hypnotize kare jatt nu
[D]Kya baat hai?
[E]Kya baat hai?

[F#m]Janni… jaani… jaani jaani jaani…
[F#m]Jaani nu tu aagi ae pasand baliye
[F#m]Tapne nu phirre tere kandh baliye
Menu[A] seene naal la le
Na keh… no! no! no!
Tere [E]bina mennu maar du aey thand balliye

Ni bull [F#m]gulaabi
[F#m]Karrn sharabi
[F#m]Jutti kar di ae chu chu…

[F#m]Tuhada kangna kangna kangna

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Original Song Video

Harrdy Sandhu - Kya Baat Ay | Jaani | B Praak | Arvindr Khaira | Official Music Video

Song Credits

Song Name: Kya Baat Ay
: Hardy Sandhu/Harrdy Sandhu
Album Name:- Kya Baat Ay
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyrics: Jaani
Language: Punjabi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Starring: Harrdy Sandhu & Carolina Moura
Music Composed by B Praak
Mixing & Mastering: Eric Pillai (Future Sound Of Bombay)
Music Label: Sony Music India

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