Guitar: Baarish Chords by Neha Kakkar & Bilal Saeed

Baarish Guitar Chords | One of the most heart touching songs sung by Neha Kakkar, Baarish produced under the label of Desi Music Factory has become an instant fan favorite perhaps because of the deep meaning lyrics that give you goose bumps, the music is given by Bilal Saeed which is very easy going and has a lovely melodic flow. But, what really drives the song is Neha Kakkar’s mesmerizing voice; it’s strong yet gentle, it hits the right notes but they don’t feel strained, it’s as if she hits them with ease. It’s very important to have very minimum tension of breath on your vocal cords while you are singing, so that it sounds effortless. The biggest strength of having a powerful voice as hers is that there aren’t extra voice variations, any unnecessary falsettos or sopranos or crazy methods of voice productions, it is simple and genuine. The alterations and the overall feel of this music are only because of the brilliant singing of Neha Kakkar.The song talks about the yearning of a lover and the pain of separation, each one of has dealt with heartbreak at least once and this is a song that describes the feeling of it, which is portrayed rightfully and correctly by the maker of the music and the singer, it is not one of those songs that you won’t like in the first listen and then later it would grow on you; it’s addictive in the first listen itself. You will find yourself humming it, quite often. The only problem (which usually is about all good tracks), is that it’s a really short song. The song leaves you craving for more, 2:38 minutes don’t feel enough, which is maybe done deliberately by the makers, but Neha Kakkar’s voice compensates for it. Some songs please your mind, or your ears but this song pleases your heart. The thick textures and the dynamics are extremely versatile and very distinctive. The string and key instruments are played perfectly. Can this song be played at clubs or discs, or maybe during your fitness class? Maybe not, but definitely during long trips or late night walks, the genre is mellow and melancholic because this song is in a minor key, the chords are left empty, the instruments are practically whine their notes, it is softer and smoother. Thus, the listener feels more nostalgic and sad maybe because of the way the music is produced in this song. The lyrics of this song are also on another notch, they don’t describe emotions, and they create them, with a good amount of upward leaps so that the chord progression also moves up by step, making you feel like you’re “living” the song and not just listening to it.

This song by Nekkar is a 5 chord song, chords you need to know are Em, Bm, Am, D & C.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 60
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale: Em
Chords Used: Em, Bm, Am, D, & C
Capo: Not Required

Intro Music: [Em] [Bm] [Am] [Bm] [B] [Two Times]

Kaali [Em]raat tey hovey payi baar[D]ish
Teri [Em]yaad kare koi [D]saazish
Naale[Am] dil di aey[Em/B] farmahish

Tu ikk vaari [Em]aja [D]vey
Ki dil zara[Em] lg jaave [Two Times]

Music: [Em] [Am] [Bm] [B] [Em] [Am] [Bm] [B]

[Em]Mushkil dil nu aj [D]samjhaana
[Am]Tenu saajan[D]a paina aey [Em]ana
[Em]Jag gya [D]Fer ek dard puraana
[Am]Kol bithaa ke [D]tainu [Em]sunaana

[D]Mar jaane is [Am]chandrey dil di
[C]Puri ho jaye khwa[Em]ahish

Tu ikk waari [Em]aja [D]vey
Ki dil zara [Em]lg jaave [Two Times]

Tu ik vaari [Em] aaja ve
Tu ik vaari [Em] aja vey
Tu ik vaari [Em] aja vey
Ki dil zara [Em] lg jaave

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Original Song Video

Baarish ( Full Video ) Neha Kakkar | Bilal Saeed | Desi Music Factory

Song Credits

Song Name: Baarish
Singer/Artist: Neha Kakkar
Music Produced by Aditya Dev
Music Composer & Lyrics: Bilal Saeed
Album: Baarish
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Punjabi
Country: India

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