Dilwale: Janam Janam Chords with Strumming + Tutorial

Love is meant to last forever. It is an eternal bond between two people that can never fade. Janam Janam from the movie Dilwale is the song that testifies this statement justly. Sung by the one and only Arijit Singh and the mellifluous Antara Mitra, this song has been composed by the maestro Pritam and has been penned down by the poetic Amitabh Bhattacharya. Belonging to the feature film soundtrack genre, this song uses the various instruments like piano, guitars, drums, violins and others euphoniously. Janam Janam chords are simple and easy and can be strummed easily by the beginners too as well. Janam Janam guitar chords provided here are both verified and accurate. The melody has been played in the Bm scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Janam Janam have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of D UDUD.

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Janam Janam Guitar Chords

Song Scale/key: Bm
Status: Accurate & Verified
Strumming Pattern: D UDUD

[Bm] [G] [A] [D]
[G] [Em] [F#] [G]

[Bm]Janam janam janam
Sath [G]chalna yuhi
[A]Kasam tumhein kasam
Aake [D]milna yhi
Ekk [G]jaan hai bhaley
Do [Em]badan ho juda

Meri [F#]hoke humesha he [G]rhna
Kabhi na [A]khna [Bm]alvida

[Bm]Meri subha ho tumhi
Or [G]tumhi shaam ho
[A]Tum dard ho
Tum he [D]araam ho
Meri [G]duaon se aati hai
[Em]Bas yeh sada

Meri [F#]hoke humesha he [G]rehna
Kabhi na [A]kehna [Bm]alvida

Humming: [Bm]Aha [G]haa [A]haan [D] [G] [Em]

Meri [F#]hoke humesha he [G]rhna
Kabhi na [A]kehna [Bm]alvida

Humming: [Bm]Ahaan [G]haa [A]haa [D] [G] [Em]
[F#] [G] [A] [Bm]

[Bm]Teri Baanhon me hai mere [Em]dono jahaan
[A]Tu rahe jidhr meri [F#m]jannat wahi
[Bm]Jal rhi agan hai jo ye [Em]do tarfaa
[A]Na bujhe kabhi meri [F#m]mannat yhi

Tu meri [Em]aarzoo
Me teri [D]ashiqui
Tu meri [Em]shaayari
Me [F#m]teri mausiqi

[Bm]Talab talab talab
Bs [G]teri hai mujhe
[A]Naso me tu nasha
Banke [D]ghulna yuhi
Meri [G]mohabbat ka krna
Tu [Em]hak yeh ada

Meri [F#]hoke humesha he [G]rehna
Kabhi na [A]kehna [Bm]alvida

Meri [Bm]subaah ho tum hi
Aur [G]tum hi shaam ho
[A]Tum dard ho
Tum he [D]araam ho
Meri [G]duaon se ati hai
[Em]Bas ye sadaa

Meri [F#]hoke humesha he [G]rehna
Kabhi na [A]khna [Bm]alvida

Outro Music: [Bm]Ahaan [G]haa [A]haa [D] [G] [Em]
[F#] [G] [A] [Bm]

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Tutorial Video

Janam Janam Guitar Lesson Complete | Dilwale | Arijit

More About this Song: Janam Janam is an intensely romantic song. It talks of a love story that has no end, which transcends time and every obstacle. True love is always victorious and nothing can separate the love birds is the theme of this song. The music is too groovy and soothing. The beats are soft and mellow. The lyrics have an amorous flavour. The spectacular duet performed by Arijit and Antara is nothing but mesmerising. Their dulcet crooning is par excellence. The video of this song is a visual treat. Janam Janam is the perfect companion on a romantic dinner date if you wish to serenade with your better half in your arms.

Song Credits

Song Title: Janam Janam
Singers/Artist: Arijit Singh & Antara Mitra
Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music Composition: Pritam
Movie/Film: Dilwale
Releasing Year: December 18, 2015
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: Sony Music Entertainment India

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