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Phir Na Mile Kabhi is a very melancholic song. Phir Na Mile Kabhi chords have a medium level of difficulty and the beginners can play them after acquiring a bit of skills. The guitar chords of the song can be played with a capo and they are G, Em7, Cadd9, D. The capo position is in the 1st fret. The melody has been played in the G scale (with Capo). The chords of Phir Na Milen Kabhi follow the strumming pattern of D UDUD UDUD.Phir Na Mile Kabhi guitar chords provided here are accurate and verified. From the film Malang, this melody has been sung by the mellifluous Ankit Tiwari, composed by him only and has been penned down by the poetic Prince Dubey. The song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the Sarangi, guitars, bass and drums quite euphoniously. The track has been played with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat.

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Hum Phir Na Milen Kabhi Guitar Chords

Capo Position: 1st Fret
Chords Used: G, Em7, Cadd9, D
Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD

Abb [G]Ke Gaye Ghr Se Jo Tere
[Cadd9]Phir Na Laut Aaunga
Tu [Em]Bhi Mujhe Bhul Jana
[D]Me Bhi Bhul Jaunga

Music: G, Cadd9

Ab [G]Ke Gaye Ghar Se Jo Tere
[Cadd9]Phir Na Laut Aaunga
Tu [Em]Bhi Mujhe Bhul Jaana
[D]Me Bhi Bhul Jaunga

Chalte [G]Chalte Krta [Em7]Salaam Aakhiri
[Cadd9]Rabse Abb To Maangu [D]Bas Dua Yahi

Hum [G]Phir Na [Em7]Mile [G]Kabhi
Hum [Em7]Phir Na Milen [Cadd9]Kabhi
Hum [Cadd9]Phir Na [G]Mile [D]Kabhi
[G]Phir Na Milen [Em7]Kabhi

[Em7]Phir Na Mile [D]

Music: [G], [Em7], [Cadd9], [D] [2 Times]

[G]Ehsaas Na Hua Ke [Em7]Juda Hone Lga
[Cadd9]Dekho Haste-Haste [D]Rone Lage
[G]Kyu Bewjah Maine [Em7]Is Ishq Ko Chhua
[Cadd9]Paagal pan Tha Mera [D]Woh Jo Kuch Bhi Hua

[G]Teri Gali Me Mujh ko [Em7]Jaana Nhi
[Cadd9]Tu Yaad Mujh ko [D]Kyun Na Rhi

Hum [G]Phir Na [Em7]Milen [G]Kabhi
Hum [Em7]Phir Na Milen [Cadd9]Kabhi
Hum [Cadd9]Phir Na [G]Milen [D]Kabhi
[G]Phir Na Milen [Em7]Kabhi

[Em7]Phir Na Mile [D]


Phir Na Milen Kabhi | MALANG | Aditya R K, Disha P, Anil K, Kunal K | Ankit Tiwari | 7th Feb 2020

More About the Song: Phir Na Mile Kabhi is a heart wrenching song. It talks about parting with your beloved and that doubt of whether you will see them again or not. The song has an emotional and doleful tune and some conversational lyrics. The music has a sense of pathos in it due to the Sarangi and the soft beats at the background. Ankit Tiwari is brilliant like always and keeps us mesmerised by his stellar performance. His dulcet and gentle vocals make us come back to this song again and again. The video of this song is a treat to the eyes. The melody harmonises well with the sad and the pensive mood.

Song Credits

Song Title: Phir Na Milen Kabhi
Singer/Artist: Ankit Tiwari
Music Composition: Ankit Tiwari
Movie/Film: Malang
Lyrics by
Prince Dubey
Sarangi Player: Dilshad Khan
Guitar: Ankur Mukherjee, Aditya Benia and Roland Fernandes
Bass Player: Raj Sodha
Drums Player: Emily Dolan Davies
Releasing Year: January 28, 2020
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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