Ankit Tiwari – Guitar: Ishq Kare Barbadiyaan Chords with Strumming

Betrayals, separations, misunderstandings- all are a part and parcel of our lives. Love can be destroying at times. Ishq kare barbadiyan by Ankit Tiwari is a song that sums up these feelings very well. Composed by the maestro Vivek Kar and penned by the poetic Kumaar, this melody is a heart rendering number. From the filmy soundtrack genre, this song uses the guitars, the ukulele, the violin, the bouzouki and the rabab harmoniously to create this soulful tune. The guitar chords are- A#, D#, F, Gm, & Cm which are a bit hard chords for a beginners because of the barre. The scale in which the melody has to be played is A#. The strumming pattern of this melody is D UDUD UDUD. This track is nothing but a melancholic rendition with a moderately paced tempo and signature 4/4 beats.

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Ishq Kare Brbadiyaan Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: A#
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: A#, F, D#, Gm, & Cm

Kyu [Gm] ansuni kr [D#] deta hai [A#] khuda
Har [A#] dua
[Gm] Puchti hai [D#] aisa kyu [A#] hua

Yeh [A#] dard hai deta gehrey
Ke [A#] aansu bhi na thehare
[A#] Dhadkan pe lag jaaye pehre
Cheene[D#]dil ki yeh azaadi[F] yaan

Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [D#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan

[Gm]Sochke krna [D#] Yaariyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbaadiyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbaadiyaan

Ishq ki [A#] raaho me
Jo bhi [Gm] gya hai
Lautke [D#] aya [A#] nhi
[A#] Khoya hai usne
Sb kuch [Gm] apna
Kuch bhi [D#] paaya [A#] nhi

Jise [A#] milne ki chaahat hai
Jise [A#] milne pe raahat hai
Ek [A#] bas usko he yaaron
Usne [D#] milne ko tarsa [F#] dia

Ishq kare [A#] barbaadiyan
Ishq kare [A#] barbaadiyan
Ishq kare [D#] barbaadiyan
Ishq kare [A#] barbaadiyan

[Gm] Soch ke karna [D#] Yaariyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan

Ishq wich [A#] na he dua [F] lgdi aey
Na he [D#] dawa [A#] lagdi aye
[Gm] Ho gya wo dil [F] tinka-tinka
Jisnu [D#] ishq ki [F] hawa lgdi aye

Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [D#] barbadiyaan
Ishq kare [A#] barbadiyaan

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Original Song Video

Ishq Kare Barbadiyaan | Ankit Tiwari | Vivek Kar , Kumaar | Zee Music Originals

Song Credits

Music Composition: Vivek Kar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer/Artist: Ankit Tiwari
Rabab Player: Amar Sangam
Bouzouki Player
: Amar Sangam
Ukulele Player
: Amar Sangam
Guitar Player: Suraj Kashyap
Violin Player: Ashirbad Bora
Releasing Year: May 2019
Music Label: Zee Music Originals
Country: India
Language: Hindi

More about the song: Ishq kare barbadiyan is a song with a deep sense of pathos. The agony of getting cheated and played on has been beautifully captured in this track. The melody has a very strong message for all the people who are suffering from such a devastating trauma that love can break you and ruin you and is often not as enchanting as it seems to be. The music is immensely doleful and is quite harmonious to the pensive mood. The lyrics are extremely conversational and heart rendering. The excruciating pain that love can induce has been well presented in rhythm and rhyme. This single is definitely one of the best sad songs ever composed by Bollywood. This heart wrenching number has an emotional video that every crestfallen lover can relate to. The woes of a jilted lover can be felt deeply in the emotions present in Tiwari’s soothing and mellifluous vocals. This song is quite harmonizing to a dejected and upset mood and can act as a healing touch for your broken and shattered heart. And if you want to give a shape to your sorrow, strum those simple chords on your guitar and let music release your pain and heal you.
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